Role play is far better then I ever thought it could be. I never really considered it as something to do in real life. However on the phone I see how much fun it can be. I wanna

role play more now then anything. The thought of a much older man making me his toy and little slut. I know I put out that I am a Domme bitch and can make men do nasty things, although in reality I want an older man to fuck me without inhibition.

Dave is a very good friend of my roommate. Her ex works with him, I noticed him a year ago and honestly I haven’t forgotten him. When I heard she was around him last week I told her to tell him I thought he was a tall glass of fuck me, and that I was thirsty.

Jen texted me that she told him when I said. Before I knew it Dave was texting me from her phone! Of fuck things just got real and hotter! After talking for a few days I confessed my love of phone sex and how I really enjoy role play. More to the point age play.

Unlike a young guy who lacked experience, Dave knew just what I needed. He is married though which for me is a no go zone. However I am too curious what he would do with me. We planned a day to get together to get to know one another.

I left feeling like a bad girl once we got into talking about fetishes and role play ect. Dave and I planned on meeting one another after trick or treating. I was dressed up just like a doll with my hair in pigtails and my make up done very young. This role play would take the cake to anything I ever did on the phone.

His wife was a few towns away with friends. I stood at his door ready to play. Dave answered the door with a big smile on his face and a bulge in his pants to make his excitement. “Trick or treat Sir.” I said in my cutest voice. “Which do you want? A Trick or a treat sweetie? You look awfully cute in that little dress.” He said.

Smiling I walked into his house and said I could use a both a trick and a treat. Dave took my Halloween bag away from me and said my treat was in his pants. I played dumb and stared down at his crotch. “Come here little girl and let me show it to you.” He whispered.

His pants were down and his large 7 inch cock hung heavy before me. I was startled and started to back away. “Now hold on there sweetie, it doesn’t bite. Go on and take a lick, I promise you’ll like it. Get down on your knees.” He said. I got on my knees and felt his hand hold my chin. His cock pushed into my mouth softly. Sucking shyly while I listened for his approval, he took up my free hand and had me cup his balls.

“Oh that’s right, just like that. That a girl, take a bit more in your mouth baby girl.” I tried to take more but he was so big. After a few minutes of getting his cock sloppy wet he pulled me to my feet. He pushed me over the back of the couch and threw my dress over my back. That magic tongue of his dragged up and down my little slit and ass. I shivered with need…

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