I never Had A Spanking  That I Liked Until Now

When I had my first boyfriend, he was really close with his older brother. They were roommates and we always spent lots of time together. I felt very comfortable with his brother since we always spent so much time together. But didn’t know him that well. One night when we were all watching movies, my boyfriend got a call that a good friend of his was having car trouble and needed a ride home. And he was around ninety minutes away. He was a good friend to go and help him that far away on no notice. So I just stayed where I was and continued to watch the movies with his brother.

His Brother Liked To Spank

Once we were alone, I got up to get us a drink. And when I turned around after putting them on the coffee table. I was surprised to feel a spank on my ass. And I whirled around and he had a silly grin in his face and said he’d been wanting to do that for ages. that my ass was just begging for a spanking. I opened my mouth to speak, but before could say a word, I’d been pulled down over his knee and was getting a spanking. He’d had a few beers, so was perhaps a bit more uninhibited than usual. I was shocked, but I can’t say I pulled away, either.

He Actually Pulled Down My Panties And Spanked Me Bare Assed Dana needs a spanking

He pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties. And was giving me a few good smacks. I’d never been spanked before, my boyfriend was more of a milder type of personality. Almost submissive. I didn’t mind someone else being in control for a change. It was nice and hot. He went from spanking me to slipping his hand down between my butt cheeks. And fingering my already wet pussy. I could feel his fingertips tease my clit and it was so good, so intense and I felt no guilt at all allowing him to do this to me, I was a shameless slut.

I could feel his hard cock on my tummy as I was flipped over his knee. It wasn’t long before his fingers brought me over the edge to orgasm . And I was literally shaking from cumming so hard. He got me off of his knee and down onto the floor, on all fours. I heard his pants unzip and his breathing was getting heavier and all of a sudden I was being entered from behind. My cunt was being filled with his cock and then I felt my ass cheek once again getting spanked. He was really doing it hard, how would I explain the red handprints on my ass to my boyfriend. I sure couldn’t tell him his brother had spanked me as well as fucked me, that wasn’t going to fly.

It Was Our Little Secret And I Loved It

He then grabbed at my tits and squeezed my nipples . He was pumping into me hard and fast and it felt fantastic, my boyfriend had sure never been this aggressive with me before. I reached down and began to rub my clit as I was getting fucked and soon made myself cum. He pumped away and then flooded me with his cum. We were both spent. We said we’d obviously never mention this to my boyfriend, and I’d hoped my red ass wouldn’t be noticed. My boyfriend then came back and we resumed our evening watching movies as though nothing had happened. Why not Give me a call for the hottest adult chat around!

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