Good Hard Spanking Over Dirty Daddy’s Knee

Spanking from my dirty Daddy was always a pleasure pain experience. I was a bit of a tearaway when I was younger, I was very slutty and I was always hanging out with older boys, smoking, drinking and generally being really rebellious. I remember the first time my Daddy ever spanked me. So I was about 10 and still in my school uniform when I brought my report card.

I knew it was awful. I’d been suspended a couple of times that year and I definitely didn’t see eye to eye with a few of my teachers. I was apprehensive to approach my Dad. He sat on the couch watching TV when I got home, but I knew he was expecting me. He looked up at me lurking in the doorway and called me in. “You got it baby?” He asked, beckoning me towards him. “I..I do.” I said reaching a shaky hand out to him clutching the card.

He took it from me and sat back to read it. I watched his expression change as he read through it, and I began to slowly back away towards the door. “Stay exactly where you are young lady.” He said without even looking up. The tension was palpable and it seemed to take forever for him to read my terrible reports from my horrible teachers.

He finally finished and let the card fall to the table.

“That was probably the worst report card I’ve ever read,” he said slowly. Sitting back in his chair, adding “you’ve been a very bad girl haven’t you?” as he held my eye intently. “Yes Daddy, I have, but it wasn’t my fault…” I replied but he cut me off by raising his hand to stop me in my tracks. “You know what happens to bad girls don’t you? I should of done this a long time ago” he said, and beckoned me towards him with his index finger. “Turn around.” he said as I stood in front of his chair in my little plaid skirt and long white socks.

I turned away from him, totally unaware what was going to happen. “Lift up your skirt,” he ordered me. Which confused me a little but I obediently lifted my skirt up around my waist, exposing my little white school knickers. “Lie over my lap.” He said sternly, and I lay from arm to arm of his chair, face down across him. I felt him position me so my ass was pointed up in the air, then slowly peel down my panties to reveal the soft, pale cheeks of my ass and a slight glimpse of my pussy lips.

Without warning he spanked me hard on one of my cheeks, making tears spring from my eyes and stinging like I’d never felt.

I yelped in pain and he swiftly cracked me hard with his palm on my other cheek even harder, making me yelp even louder and kick my legs up in the air behind me. He whacked me five or six times on each side of my little ass, leaving huge, red handprints that covered my entire bum.

He finally stopped spanking me, and I was crying from the pain, but when he told me to stand up. I saw the look in his eye as he inspected his handy work. I felt strangely pleased with myself I’d given him such pleasure. He told me to pull my knickers up and as I did I could see he had a huge bulge in the front of his pants.

He sent me to my room with no dinner and as soon as I was in my bedroom I began to furiously masturbate thinking about my spanking. I came over and over. To this day I still get a spanking from my Dirty Daddy when I’m a bad girl…and much more.

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