I walked into my office this morning and my big boss was there.  Oh fuck, this can’t be good, but…I do know just how to turn a situation into my favor.  I batted my eyes at him, pulled out two hair ties from my purse and pig tailed it up for his old horny ass.

I walked right over to him with my hair in pig tails, dropped down to my knees, looked up at his silver haired head and said “Can I be a good girl for daddy”?  He smiled down at me, grabbed my pig tails and brought me to his crotch.  I start to smile too, cause I know I fucked up last night.  I fucked up weekly  task sheet and knew a whole new set of tasks was laid out for me.  I reach into his pants and pull out his old dick.  I know how to sway him.  I know how to stay on his good side.  I know just how to keep my paycheck coming.  But do you know what I really know how to do?  I know how to swallow, and how to be a good girl for daddy, and I am still tasting his cum in my mouth!