I’ve come a long way as Mommy’s cuckold

What a good cuckold boy! That’s what I definitely was by then. I was sleeping in my own bed instead of with Mommy. At the same time, I was learning to live with the fact that Bob was sleeping in her bed now. I was also watching him drink all of Mommy’s milk (my milk!) and he was now telling me when I can touch my little penis and when I have to stop. Sometimes I was angry and this cuckold boy pouted about these things but it never lasted long.

Just like when Bob gave me permission to touch myself. I didn’t like that at all! It was one thing for Mommy to do that. We used to play that game all the time. What a good cuckold boy!  I’d get really close and then stop touching for a while. She always let me cum if I did what she told me to do but she made me wait. This was totally different. This wasn’t a game and I did not like it.

I wanted to keep touching so badly!

But, of course, I gave in and started touching myself and tried not to think about the fact that Bob said I could only touch for a minute or two. It seemed like I was only touching myself for a few seconds before he told me to stop. I didn’t want to – I wanted to keep touching so badly! “No!” I said and started stroking faster – maybe trying to get as much in as possible before they made me stop. Nobody was saying “what a good cuckold boy” then!

When I didn’t listen to him, Mommy looked at me and said very sternly “Seth – you take your hand off of your penis right now!  ”And then she said, “you will listen to Bob and do what he tells you to do when you’re with us in our bedroom or we won’t invite you back to play with us.” She must have been able to tell that I was upset because she told me to get on the bed with her. Bob scooted over and gave me some room and I settled in next to Mommy.

They were going to stay there until I learned my lesson

She told me to take off her panties and lifted her hips so I could slide them down her soft thighs. They were pretty and pink and really silky and soft. Holding them made me even more excited. Then she told me to hand them to her and to open my mouth, which I did instantly.  I was not expecting this at all, but she stuffed her panties right into my mouth and said they were going to stay there until I learned my lesson. And of course, the lesson was to never again argue with Bob when I’m invited to play with them. If I did that, then they might finally say “what a good cuckold boy!”

What a good cuckold boy!  

I was ashamed that I was being punished in such a humiliating way, but it wasn’t the first time Mommy had punished me. It was such a relief when Mommy allowed touching again that I started rubbing it really fast and squeezing it really tight. I was so excited that I got right to the edge of an orgasm really quickly. Of course, she told me to take my hand away before I could cum. She knows me so well and exactly where to stop me before I can’t control it anymore. I don’t want to brag, but I’m really good at edging. I have a lot of control for a boy my age. That’s what Mommy says, anyway.

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We finally find out how big Bob’s cock is! And will Stevie ever think up another name for a male character other than Bob?

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