Good Cop Bad Cop: You can’t believe this is really happening. You’ve been pulled over and now you’re in the worst (best?!) trouble imaginable!

Good Cop Bad Cop is a very HOT fantasy and an extremely common one. However, there’s nothing “uncommon” about what happened last night, don’t you think? After all, I’ve watched you stare at me during class with that “I’ve-gotta-fuck-you” expression on your face. No, don’t deny it. *smirks*

I mean, you could try pleading the Fifth, but do you think that anyone will actually believe you? Seriously though, I’ve heard you brag to your friends about how you’re going to hook up with Angel and “fuck her like a porn star.” However, do they know anything about your secret little femdom fetish fantasies? I’ll bet that they don’t!

Indeed, it’s definitely time that we made your good cop bad cop sex fantasy a vivid reality!

Yesterday evening, I followed your car as you drove away from campus after our group study session for my graduate-level human sexuality course. Surprisingly, you were completely unaware that a squad car followed you, much less that it was actually ME driving!

How did I find a police car, you ask? Of course, I borrowed it from my latest fuck buddy, who just so happens to be a police officer (Yes, I know that “borrowing” his car wouldn’t be possible in reality, but just go with it! 😁!).

Anyway, it’s dark by the time I pull you over. Dressed in a tight uniform that shows off all of my curves, I get out of the car and confidently strut right up to your window. With my police uniform hat concealing my beautiful blue eyes and my silky blonde hair bound back in a French twist, you don’t recognize me at first. Completely clueless, you ask me “What seems to be the problem, Officer?” As I ignore your question, I don’t even bother asking you for your driver’s license and registration.

“Please step out of the car and assume the position, sir!” I demand pleasantly in my most official good cop bad cop tone.

Clearly, you’re trying not to reveal any nervousness as you comply with my command. Noticing your apprehensive expression, it’s all I can do not to laugh at you. “You have a weapon, don’t you,” stating it matter-of-factly, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “I see the bulge in those jeans, sir. I’ll have to search you, so spread ’em!” I snarl in my best “stern cop voice.”

Kicking your legs apart with one well-placed black boot, I start patting you down. Of course, I “search” you much more thoroughly than any “officer of the law” would do. However, you’re so obviously aroused that you actually comply.

Leaning forward, I press my firm tits and toned body against your larger frame as I begin a full search. Starting with your neck and working down to your shoes, my hands roam over every inch of your body.

You gasp in a most un-masculine fashion as I tweak your right nipple “accidentally-on-purpose” as I search you for those “weapons.” Oopsie, did I do that?!

Although you’re still cooperating, I decide to tug and twist your left nipple too, just because I can. You know, so you’ll have a matched set? 😂 Biting my lip hard so I won’t burst into outright laughter, I continue moving my hands over your torso and down your thighs. Sliding around to your tight posterior, I give each vulnerable ass cheek a hard squeeze, which elicits a low groan from you.

You groan in confusion; I feel you stiffen against me and nearly lose your balance. Obviously, you’ve now recognized your good cop bad cop’s identity!

You attempt to turn around to get a better eyeful, but I growl, demanding that you look straight ahead. As you swallow a whimper, I grin wickedly.

Pretending to ignore your reaction, I pat my way to the front again, hands landing squarely below your belt. Unable to resist, I give your raging hard-on a firm squeeze. Your reaction soaks my panties as I feel your huge boner practically jump under my touch. “Wh-what are you doing, Officer?” you ask in a tone laced with a mixture of arousal and bravado.

Unable to resist any longer, I unzip your jeans as I allow my voice to descend to a purr. “I was right, you’re harboring a weapon, mister. So, I’ll just have to “confiscate” it. That’s it, you’re under arrest!”

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