Gold Digger

When I married my husband he knew he wouldn’t be enough for me.  At over thirty years my senior, how the fuck was he going to keep up?  I’m young, I like to party, and I love to fuck.  If it weren’t for Viagra, I think his cock would have shriveled up a long time ago.  If it weren’t for his cash, I would have never married him. I am a gold digger.

We met innocently enough.  I was a waitress at his favorite restaurant and he was a BIG tipper.  It didn’t take him long before he was inviting me on shopping sprees and lavish vacations.  He loves to spoil me and I love to be spoiled!  The sad thing is, when I think about the reasons I married him, money is the only thing that comes to mind.  I still have my fuck buddies on the side that satisfy my sexual needs, but he knows I can be a brat when I’m horny.  He lives to make me happy!

He even caught me with out gardener once.  He’s supposed to be at the office and I was laying out by the pool.  One thing led to another and I was bent over the railing getting pounded like a schoolgirl slut.  You can imagine my surprise when I looked up to see my husband in the window watching, but the bigger surprise was to see him with his cock in his hand.  He loves watching me get fucked hard and he knows he can’t anymore.  He will go to no end to see me all my needs are met.

Sugar baby, trophy wife, gold digger, call me what you will.  I know what I want and I never take no for an answer!

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