unnamedSo one of my friends (who fucks me all the time because I am AMAZING and quite frankly his wife isn’t), James, asked me to house sit and take care of his dog, Thor a German Shepherd, for him while he and his bore of a wife were away for the weekend.  I can take calls from his house just as easy as my own apartment so I figured why not?

It was a pretty uneventful weekend, aside from some incredible calls that left me extremely horny.  I failed to bring any of my toys so when Sunday rolled around I was counting down the hours.  James called and said he was dropping his wife off at her sister’s for the night and he’d be a little late…GREAT more time to drag by.

I decided to pop in a movie, Pretty Woman – love it!  Thor climbed up on the couch and was curled up against me.   I patted him on the head and scratched his ears a little, he kept nudging me to pet him more, so I did.  I started at his head and petted him all the way down his back..over and over.  He has such soft fur…I hadn’t really noticed that before.  He leaned more on his side and lifted his paw, so assuming he wanted me to rub his belly, I did just that.  I noticed the more I rubbed his belly, the more his red rocket started to appear.  I pulled my hand back, not knowing what to think about that.  He started nudging more and more so I finally gave in and started petting him again.  Something about that dog penis growing so much really started turning me on.  I was already so horny as it was so, I was sure that’s why my curiosity kept building.  I eventually grazed it was my fingers, it was rock hard…and soo big.  My panties were getting so wet thinking about that big dick in my little pussy.  I looked at the clock and figured James would be at least an hour, this gave me plenty of time to play.

One thing I’ve always been curious about is how it would feel to have that huge tongue on my ass and pussy…so I walked in the kitchen to look for some peanut butter and decided to use a little honey instead.  I headed back to the couch, slid my skirt and panties off and sat down on the edge of the cushion, spread eagle.  Holding my pussy open with one hand, I drizzled the honey all over it…some of it running down my little asshole.  I put a little on my finger and gave it to Thor to lick up then coaxed him over to my pussy.  He sniffed around a bit, his cold nose made me giggle.  He looked at me and I guided his head back down to my dripping wet pussy, sure enough he couldn’t resist.  I felt that big tongue in one swipe go all the way from my ass to my clit.  It was so different than any man I had ever felt.  His tongue was SO big.  I kept putting more and more honey all over my juicy cunt and he kept on licking.  All of a sudden the door opened and there I was, spread eagle, on the couch with Thor’s face buried in my pussy!

James looked at me in shock…demanding to know what the hell I was doing with Thor.  I told him how amazing it felt and that it just sort of happened. He walked over to me, grabbed me up off the couch by hair and threw me down on the ground, calling me a filthy whore.  He was right, WHO entices a dog to lick their pussy!?  I was a filthy little whore, of course I love being a nasty little slut so I was perfectly fine with this.  He demanded that I get down on all fours to let Thor mount me.  He said that if I was going to let him pleasure me, it was only fair.  He did have a point, right?  Next thing I know, Thor’s front paws were at my sides and I reached behind me, grabbed that big red dog dick and shoved it inside my tight little pussy.  OMG he started fucking me SO hard and SO fast.  No man can move that fast.  The feeling was just unbelievable!  James then came around in front of me and shoved his cock down my throat.  I loved messing around with James, but I never thought I’d be tag teamed by him and his best friend…it was incredible.  James was so turned on that it took him no time at all to cum…and then I felt Thor exploding in my pussy.  OMG so much cum, I could feel it all shooting up deep inside of me…Once Thor returned to normal size, he hopped off of me and I just laid there against the couch for a moment.  James looked at me and told me he wanted me to taste Thor’s cum, so I did…mmmm….He then confessed that one of his biggest fantasies was watching a woman be fucked by a K-9 .  From that night on it became more of a reality than either of us could have ever imagined…..