Worried you’re “going gay”? YOU ARE — and it’s too late to go back.

You’re heard about this “going gay” stuff. You’re aware that it’s something “bad” and taboo, basically the pinnacle of failed masculinity. You’ve probably tried to distance yourself from it out of self protection and fear, not wanting to EVER be associated with anything as shameful as faggotry.

So, how’s that going for you?

Did the line between you and “them” (aka cock sucking faggots) start to get a little blurry after your third night in a row of jacking off to BBC cuckold videos? By the second night your cursor was hovering over the “forced bisexual” link . . . and by the third night . . . well, there were all KINDS of new places in your browser history!!

And now you’re here, still pretending you “aren’t sure” if you’re “going gay” for black cock. Ha ha. You’re so funny! But ok, if you really have to hear me say it . . . newsflash: YOU ARE! (and it’s too late to go back)

But hey, no point in beating yourself up over it! Goddess only knows, maybe you were just “born that way.” That brings up the age-old question, though: is going gay for BBC / be-cumming a “black cock gay” nature or nurture??

By day you stick to reciting your old refrain (“I’m not gay”) but by night you’ll be singing a different tune. It’s not that you have penis envy, persay — it’s more like pussy envy. If only you could be my cuckold husband!

Pretty little white girls like me have it made, whispers the covetous, cock-hungry, BBC-fever-infected voice inside your perverted head.

Yes, you do wish you had that big, thick cock . . . but here’s the difference: you don’t want it to be “yours” in the sense of being on you . . . you want it to be in you.

Ready to confess? Don’t worry, I won’t judge you for going gay for black cock . . . but I will share mine with you!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke