Goddess Layne shows Her crossdressing slave what happens when he disobeys his Goddess!

Dear Ms Jones. You don’t know Me. We have never met. However, I have seen photographs of you around your home when I have been there at times when you are not home, of course. You are such a Goddess! I look around at all the photos of you and John together, smiling and looking so happy. Photos of your wedding day, your family they all paint such a lovely picture! But I am about to shatter that lovely picture. There are things that I feel you should know. I hope you are sitting down when you read this. If you are not, I recommend that you do.

John, that man of yours, is such a manly man, isn’t he? So big and strong! Such a great protector, such a great provider. He always looks so good in anything he wears…from the casual shorts and tees to the sophisticated suits and ties. Always a handsome, manly man indeed! But what you don’t know is this. That handsome manly man of yours, he’s not so manly after all! In fact quite the opposite! The times that I have been invited to come to your home to see him have been quite interesting indeed!

You see, for Me, John does not exist. When I arrive at the door of your home, I am invited to come in by the beautiful Jane. A pretty “woman” always dressed to the nines in sexy high heels that make her calves look so toned and lift her bottom to new heights! Her legs are always adorned by some kind of alluring stockings, sometimes silk, sometimes fish nets, sometimes even topped with pretty pink bows! I especially love it when she has on the ones with the line running up the back of her long beautiful legs! And the variety of panties that Jane loves to tease My Eyes with thrill and excite Me beyond words!

Jane invites Me in. We share some wine. You always have the best of wines! And then the REAL fun begins!

Each time I visit your home, and there has been MANY times, I bring Jane a new sexy outfit to try on for Me. She agrees enthusiastically, and I watch her strip out of the naughty little outfit she greeted Me in and slowly…seductively into the new panties I’ve brought for her. I sit on your couch and watch as she slides them slowly up her long legs, over her round ass and into place, trying desperately to tuck what used to be her manhood into those tiny little panties! This amuses Me to watch!

I laugh as she prances about in them, bending over in front of Me to show Me how sexy she looks in those pretty pink panties I brought for her! She wiggles her ass back and forth in front of Me, bending over to give Me a good view! And a good laugh!

Then I throw My little panty slut another surprise! Some new stockings! She pulls one of your kitchen chairs into the living room and sits down so daintily. She bends over and grabs the stocking off the floor, crosses her legs and points her toes. She’s already feeling so feminine and pretty! She puts the stocking over her toes and ever so slowly pulls it up over her leg until it rests right at the middle of her upper thigh! I laugh at her and throw her the other stocking. She bends over seductively, shimmying her shoulders as if she had breasts to shake and picks up the other stocking off the floor. I tell her what a good little sissy slut she is and she smiles coyly at Me with her pretty pink lips!

Do you ever wonder why your lipstick goes so quickly and you have to keep buying more?

She then slides that other stocking over her leg, once again slowly and seductively…just the way I like it! She wiggles her outstretched leg back and forth admiring how pretty it looks on her.

I tell her to come to Me. I have another surprise for her. Then I hand her a bright pink shopping bag. Jane loves the color pink. Just like Me! She sits down on the couch beside Me and giggles in anticipation of what surprise the shopping bag may hold! She dives into it like a child on Christmas. Then she squeals with glee as she pulls out a shoe box, eager to open it and see what’s inside.

I watch, amused by her as she holds her new high heel shoes up in the air, admiring them, turning them to look at all the glitter and shiny stones that adorn them. “Try them on” I tell her. She eagerly obeys and slips a foot into one. She holds her foot high in the air, pointing her toes and turning her foot back and forth to view her new sexy shoe at every angle. I tell her how pretty she looks in it and to try the other one on. She does.

“Well, don’t just sit there” I say to her “Model them for Me!”

Like a good little sissy slave she does as she is told and rises to her feet. This particular pair is higher than what she is used to so she wobbles a bit and I laugh. She catches her balance and begins to prance about your living room, walking back and forth on an imaginary runway. I’ve taught her how to walk in high heels and she has learned well, putting one foot in front of the other being sure to wiggle her ass as she does.

“Bend over!” I tell her and Jane turns her back to me, puts her hands on her stocking adorned thighs and sticks her ass up in the air wiggling it back and forth.

“Yes…show me those pretty pink panties I brought for you!” I say “Tell Me how much you love them!”

“I *DO* love them!” she says. “Thank You so much!”

“How do they make you feel?” I ask.

“I feel SOOO PRETTY in them! So feminine and so sexy!” Jane replies.

I laugh at her and tell her what a pretty little sissy panty slut she is.

She runs to Me, as best as she can in her new heels, and puts her arms around Me and says “Thank You Goddess!” as she puts a pink lipstick kiss on My Cheek.

But Jane knows that I expect so much more from her to show her appreciation to Me. So she grabs My Perfectly Manicured Hand (a manicure which she has paid for…ever wonder why the income and expenses never quite add up?) and she leads Me into the bedroom…the bedroom that you and John…hahaha…I mean JANE share.

That’s when the REAL TRUE fun begins!

But I will spare you those details…for now…

You see…I never wanted to send you a letter like this. I promised John that I would not. But unfortunately, John has not kept his promise to Me. Therefore, he must pay!

I can be a Kind and Generous Goddess, but cross Me as he did and well…
I guess you both are finding out what happens then, aren’t you?

Next time you see John, ask him to meet Jane!
See what he says!

I wish I could be there for that scene! Hahaha!

Well…I have far better things to do with My Time.

Perhaps you will hear from Me again…

Goodbye for now…


Phone Sex!