Goddess pillow talk is different than just chatting after sex.

Goddess pillow talk requires a deeper level of intimacy; it involves servitude, dedication and a deep exchange of sensual understanding. 

Even when my boy toy and I play with humiliation and verbal abuse, there is room for a tender girlfriend experience. If there is truly a spark between us, we can do and talk about ANYTHING! We can relax into each other after a session and just open up. We have the connection that allows us to access something sweet while maintaining the dynamics of a sub/dom relationship. 

You take care of me and I take care of you- in our own little ways.

Run me a bath, pamper my body, be my furniture, clean my house. Keep me happy and I will keep you happy too. I can give you the things that no one else can, surrender control and you will be in hands that you can trust to torture, tease and tie you up. You can give yourself completely to me, become my property and know that I will give your body that next level experience that you want…that will bring you to orgasm. Even in the most compromising of situations, there is a connection and care there that extends past any plain old vanilla relationship.

Once you cum, I untie you and gently lie next to you, letting you touch and feel your goddess. Doesn’t it feel good to run your fingers through my hair? You get lost in the details of my face, admiring the beautiful woman that owns you.

You can tell me anything as we lie here. Truly and honestly anything, we have gone to such deep dark places in our role play that visiting the deep and dark places of your heart is nothing.


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