Goddess Control over your entire being delivering my nectar you crave.

Goddess Control takes all the guess work out of your life. The life you own your own to is the Goddess you worship. My body calls to you for undeniable pleasure. Every inch of my soft skin aches to be licked and given the proper amount of attention. Give in to your cravings, and the desires you keep locked up to serve your Goddess. I have the key to release your fantasies and make them come true. You will belong to me. Your mind, body, and soul serving me until I explode in ecstasy and you lick every drop from my yummy little pussy.

You will live and die to please me. I will reward you for your tongues loyalty by granting the privilege to begin Ass Worship. This way you can get to all my wet spots and eat me from behind. You know how much I love that, and how my moans intensify with every lick. Body Worship Phone Sex puts me in a role of domination very quickly. I direct you along the way to my climax, telling you when to go harder and deeper. You love my commands, don’t you? Being with a woman like me, who knows what she wants gets your cock rock hard.

You want this entire body bad, don’t you?

I know you want to get balls deep in this, but remember who calls the shots. Let the pressure build up and feel like it’s about to boil over baby. Show me by the whimpers your voice cracks out how bad you need me. Ass Worship is a privilege given to those deserving of tasting the perfect ass.

Goddess Control is always honored because I have the ass of a goddess on my hourglass frame. You know you have developed quite a fetish phone sex fascination with my juicy ass, haven’t you? When you’re in bed at night and your hand reaches for that thick dick of yours you think about my round apple ass. You want to crawl on your hands and knees following so closely behind me every step that your nose is practically shoved between my cheeks.

Then your mind really begins to wonder when you see me spread my ass apart to show you that perfectly pink asshole just waiting for your tongue to lick, taste and curl around it. I want to feel your taste buds rubbing up against that sweet little asshole of mine baby.

Give me all that I desire.

Every stroke of the inside of my Goddess Control leg gives me tingles because you continue to give me the pleasure I deserve. Just shove that face of yours into my ass where it belongs. Want me to sit one that face of yours do you? Well lay back and watch as the best tasting ass smothers your face with no escape. Now stick your tongue in me and slide it in and out of my tight little hole.

Make me get good and wet because you are going to make me cum. Just like royalty, I am entitled to be treated like a queen, and now is the time to pay homage to the finest ass in the kingdom. I bend over my bed and let you savor every bit of your meal. True Goddess Control strategically waits for you to learn every sex spot on the body of your idol.

I’m in a kinky kind of mood and I want to play.

Not slow, not sweet, but wild and unreserved. I want you to feast on me right here in this kinky kitchen. My appetite is strong, and I need a solid filling. I squat down almost dropping my ass to the floor. These heels keep me just above, and my legs spread apart. You see my perfect pink pussy and want to feed because this hot goddess is turning you into an animal.

Come towards me and grab me by the arms picking me up and placing my ass on the counter. Tell me to turn around and bend over because you need to taste this ass of mine. I obey quickly and feel your tongue glide along my ass and wet little pussy. I reach back and hand you the spatula. Slide it in me baby while you lick me I say.

The next sensation I feel is the Spanking a bad girl like me deserves. The spatula doesn’t give the smack you are looking for so you push it inside of me and Spank me with your strong hand. All the food and utensils in this room make it easy to get freaky together.  I want to try it all baby.