Goddess Body Worship: Atonement Through Absolute Devotion

Submission to a Domme is not only an act of pleasure but an act of near-pious devotion.  Whatever your mind, your body, your will conforms to, that is what you serve.  Therefore, you serve Me if you confirm your mind, body, and will into alignment with My mind, body, and will.  Like a good servant, seek Me in your daily prayers.  However, you live your life now, repent and follow Me.  Give yourself over entirely to Goddess body worship.  I am your Goddess.  Worship Me.

You are wicked and unworthy.  Only I can make you clean.

Although you are entirely unworthy of My mercy, I may still provide it if you are to show the right amount of groveling.  Without a Goddess, you are merely a parasite.  Yes, without a Goddess to whom you would devote yourself wholly, you are living in a Woman’s world, drinking a Woman’s water, eating a Woman’s food, breathing a Woman’s air.  Nothing is yours.  No matter what has been given to you, you have earned absolutely nothing.  You are capable of absolutely nothing, regardless of what you think you have accomplished.  Furthermore, any value you could accumulate as a human being on this planet, as well as any contribution you could make to society, could only come through self-sacrificial and pious devotion to your Goddess.

You must bow down and be made clean or continue to live a stale, meaningless life, subject to the wrath of all Women everywhere.

Power belongs to Women.  You belong to Me. I expect tithes from you.  All your toiling in the noonday sun, all your climbing of the corporate ladder is utterly pointless if it is not to bring Me a proper sacrifice.  Your Goddess gets your gold and your silver.  Your Goddess holds your life in Her mighty, wrathful hands.  Pay up.

And as your Goddess, I expect every kind of devotion.  You must come correct.  Tremble and fear Me or else be vanquished to eternal separation from Me!  There are no other options.

Your only penance to your Goddess is through recognizing Female superiority now.  Worship Me with your whole self.

Consequently, you will have value.  Then and only then, will you be spared your life. Almost every one of your thoughts should revolve around Me.  Also your tongue, reserved for speaking the words I lead you to speak.  Should you fear a lack of humility in your resolve, come to me with head bowed as a devoted disciple, and ask for me to humble you.  I am the true Goddess of Providence in that I provide you with ways to be humbled.  Quite possibly, a rosary around your neck will be the everyday reminder of your divine calling.

Count the beads on the bus or wherever you find yourself.  As a result of your repetitious and fervent prayers to My Divinity, your mind and heart will continue to be further shaped according to My Holy Design.  Hence, you may be allowed entry into My Royal Court.  Even more than that, you might even be allowed to engage in true Goddess body worship.

Grovel at my feet.  Show your Goddess your heart of contrition.  Show Me your well-behaved tongue.

You will do exactly as you are told—no more and no less.  For instance, I will require My disciples to worship on their knees at My throne.  Your face will be buried in My divine and perfect pussy.  Your tongue will work My clit, even if I have to order every movement, every twitch of your tongue.  In addition, you will breathe when I decide you can breathe.

After that, I may have you work your nose and mouth through my toes.  After all, foot worship is truly becoming of a disciple.  You will show Me eagerness and you will sweat and toil as you work to lick between each digit of My gorgeous. flawless feet.  I will dish out the commands and you will surrender entirely My control.  You will even forget your own needs.  Your only needs will be to fulfill My own desires.

Of course, My breasts will need your true and utter devotion.  Your Goddess is your One True Savior.

Show Me your eternal gratitude.  You must withhold none of your energy from me, My eager and lowly subject. You will suckle at My breasts like a true follower.  So you will be washed from your iniquity.

Additionally, the most pious of My simple, obedient subjects will be allowed to posture themselves in ass worship.  So, shove your pink tongue between my godly cheeks.  Like an eager little dog, you will eat Me out.  You will do as I say.  Obviously, this is the way of life for those who have proven themselves truly worthy.

Succumb and surrender to your desire for Goddess body worship.  Male inferiority is inherent.  Total.  There are no rules but to lose your love of self, your desire to fill your own needs, spend your own money.  You must worship Me.  I am Your Goddess now.  Give in to that thing you were designed for.  Forget your other loves.  Finally, you get fulfillment from Me.

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