The Glory is all Mine – Glory Hole Fun

I’m so happy to be off of work today; I finally get to have some fun! I can, at last, go down to the local porn shop and be the good little cum guzzling, glory hole whore that I am. You see, I have this incessant need to suck cock. It doesn’t matter if they’re big, small, thick, thin, black, or white, so long as it’s wrapped in my warm wet mouth, I’m a happy girl. Above all else, you can count on me to suck out every last drop of your sweet, thick cum. If you see me at the porn shop, don’t hesitate to get booth.

As I get settled on my hands and knees, I didn’t even have to wait a minute before I was blessed by a thick piece of meat coming into view. Within moments, I was on it; sucking, stroking, worshiping this random cock. I felt fulfilled as if I was providing the noblest of all services because if being a good little cock-sucker was noble, I was most definitely the noblest of them all. I was ripped from my stupor by the rapid pulses of the cock in my throat, “Mmmm, he tastes so good,” I think to myself. Then I take a few slow, deep sucks on his softening cock, letting it go with a loud pop.

I had to have another. “Next,” I said, eager to get rewarded with another hard cock slipping through the glory hole.

2 hours, 5 cocks, and a belly full of cum later, I stumbled out of the stall, cum staining my face, destroying my makeup. I looked like a wreck. “Your such a good little cock whore, miss,” the young cashier remarks, and I can’t help but move towards him. He’s so young, so fit… so full of cum that I can almost smell it. “I am,” I beamed with pride. “I love cock, need it really, and I love nothing more than to feel a man throb in the back of my throat.” I reached out slowly, stroking his hardening cock. Looks like my noble service isn’t quite done for the night.

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