Mom went to work early in my household. So I was left in the house every week day morning with my brother and father. There was always a debate over who would take me to school in the mornings. When I transferred schools I could no longer walk to school with my friends because my new school was way across town. It sucked because I missed chatting and laughing it up with my crew as we made our way through the neighborhood but hey…things change.

My older brother had just gotten his car and his school was very close to my new school so he could have easily dropped me off. My dad didn’t have to be at work until late so he had plenty of time to drop me off before his shift started. Despite these facts, EVERY morning, I found myself trying to convince both of them to take me to school!

Finally it just got to be too much for me. I came up with a system that would make it easier for them to decide who would take me to school. I came up with the GLORY HOLE system. One day I carved out two holes in the bathroom, side by side. The holes were big enough for a cock to fit in them but small enough not to be noticed when they were hidden behind a clothes hamper. I sat my brother and dad down one weekend and explained to them how everything would work.

With the glory hole system my dad and brother would wait for me to get out of the shower every morning before school, once I got out  of the shower, they would have their cocks in the two glory holes. Which ever dick I was able to make cum FIRST would be the one who would take me to school that day. Simple. The system worked like a charm! After my shower, I would remove the dirty clothes hamper, their cocks would come through holes and I would get to work.

I could use anything to make them cum. I loved to use my hands with plenty of lube, my wet juicy mouth, or my sweet young tits that I would use to sandwich their cocks and make them shoot in my face. My tits bloomed early and I was proud of them 🙂 They each had their favorite way to cum, but my dad’s favorite was when I would press my wet and tender pussy hole on to the tip of his cock and just let him throb inside of me.

If I was fucking my dad with my pussy, then I would jerk my brother’s cock off at the same time. My brother usually couldn’t last longer than my dad. Especially when I would deep throat him and gag like a good little slut. After the glory hole system was put into place I basically never had anymore problems getting a ride to school from those two. I even started using it to get other things that I wanted.

The glory hole method isn’t the only method that I use to get what I want though. If you want to find out what the others are give me a call and let the fun begin!



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