Glory Hole Dare: Mia’s Weekend Diaries

So it was my 18th birthday so as you all know I was still pretty naive(I didn’t even know what a glory hole was). My friends and I were all sitting around drinking playing truth or dare like always. Nothing better to do when you’re under 21 right? Just getting into a bit of trouble and secretly drinking until you can’t remember. Anyways so we were all playing and having a great time.

We were all pretty drunk at this point and it was my birthday so they were giving me an especially hard time. I had no idea what they had in mind but we all loaded up in one of our mom’s minivans and we went to a new “special” place one of my friends had heard of.

We continued to pass around the alcohol as we were driving and once we got there they said it was my turn. Knowing I’d chose dare and they told me they had a special birthday dare for me. We were at a glory hole. A glory hole? I didn’t even know what that was! Then they told me. Was stunned and that’s an understatement.

I was however too drunk to object.

I just giggled and went right along with it. Let them all stay in the van and went in to see what kind of things I would find. What kind of dirty things I could do with those cocks the cocks I didn’t know. Honestly, it made me a little bit wet just thinking about it…that might have been the alcohol though.

Nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen. I went into the room and saw two holes in the wall. Two?? I’m gonna have two? It turns out it was just two to start out with but I’ll go into more detail if you call me;) It’ll be worth it I promise!

Teen Phone Sex!