Making Him My Glory Hole Bitch

Forced bi is so much more fun when you make the bitch do it in public. It adds a whole new layer of humiliation. I wanted to torture Sean so I took him to this dirty little club downtown that has a glory hole so he could spend the night sucking strangers’ dicks. For some reason, he didn’t like my idea at first and I had to bat my eyelashes something fierce. He finally caved into me and off we went.

   I took him straight to the back so he wouldn’t have time to change his mind and shoved his ass into that little cubicle. I stood in the corner and watched him. He couldn’t just lie and say he did what I wanted and he reluctantly got on his knees. So he jumped a bit when a dick shoved through the hole. He hesitated for a second, just staring at the hard dick in front of him. I pushed his head forward and he opened his mouth, closing it over the dick. He gagged as he went too far down the shaft and I told him to relax.
He made little noises as he gave the worst blow job ever and scrunched his face up with disgust. I decided to help him. I moved his head back and forth until he got into a rhythm then let him go. When the guy finally came Sean choked and coughed it all up, making spit and cum dribble all over his chin. He wiped his mouth clean with his arm as another dick popped through the hole. Sean looked at the door and I gave him a smack.

“Go on, don’t you want to make me happy?” I said with a pout and Sean swallowed the dick.

He did a better job this time even though he hated every second of it and managed to get down most of the cum when he came. It was turning me on as I watched him and I knew I was going to fuck the hell out of someone tonight; my pussy was so wet and aching. Dick after dick shoved into that hole and Sean sucked off every single one. His stomach must have been full of cum and his mouth must have been aching by the time I was done having fun with this.

I was getting bored and wanted to get some attention so I told him that he only had to suck one more dick. He sucked that thing like it was the best thing he ever had in his mouth. Swallowed the cum with no problem. He quickly stood up and we left the cubicle. We mingled for a bit and this really hot guy started talking to me. I turned my back on Sean and gave the new guy all of my attention. Sean gave a little gesture at me, asking what was going on and I waved him away.

Hot Guy flirted with me for a bit then asked if I wanted to go back to his place. I told him that I did.

Sean got all upset about being ditched but I just told him that I wanted a real man tonight, not some dirty little cocksucker. You should have seen the look on Sean’s face when he realized that he had sucked all those cocks at a glory hole for no reason. Ha, fucking loser.

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