Giving My Husband My Little Sister And Her Cherry For His Birthday

My little sister is much younger than me and she is perky and cute and just full of herself. She is the spitting image of me at that age and the perfect little cock tease. Unlike me, she has decided that she won’t give it up until she is married. But that doesn’t stop her from teasing all the boys, and grown men! My husband and I were talking one night about our first time. The night he popped my cherry. He said it was one experience with me that he wishes he could have again. But unfortunately, once that door has been gone through there is no going back.  We laughed and even role-played it but it just wasn’t the same. I went to sleep, trying to figure out a solution to our problem.

The next day was my hubby’s birthday and I had a nice little party for him. My family had flown in that morning to be there and when they walked in the door, I couldn’t help but notice how much my little sister looked just like the way I looked when my husband and I got together. I had the start of an idea.

During the party, I snuck my sister drinks when my parents weren’t looking and after everyone left or went to bed, I plied her with more and more alcohol until she was way past giggly, right into practically unconscious. I brought her into my room to lay down and got her more comfortable, slipping her skirt off and unbuttoning her blouse, leaving her pretty virginal white cotton panties and bra visible. Then I tiptoed down the stairs to get my lucky hubby!

I tied a scarf over his eyes and led him back to the bedroom, whispering in his ear all sorts of naughty promises.

I told him that this was going to be the best night of his life and that he was going to cum soo hard! Then I positioned him at the end of the bed where my little sister was laying, looking so innocent in her sleep. I ran my hands up his body to the blindfold and whipped it off with a flourish. He blinked and let his eyes adjust and then all he could do was stare at the gift I had laid out for him.

He turned around and kissed me before turning to run a hand up my little sister’s soft smooth leg. All the way up to the white cotton covering her virgin pussy. I helped him spread her legs apart and he locked his lips around that sweet juicy pussy, tasting it through her panties. He watched me hungrily as I gave the same attention to her cloth-covered nipple. His cock was hard as a rock as he loosed it to rub against her damp panties.

“Oh fuck Melissa! This is the best birthday present ever! Can I really fuck your little sister?” He asked, looking like the wrong response from me might kill him!

“Yes, Darlin’ that sweet, fresh virgin pussy is all yours to split in two! Happy birthday, baby!” His eyes lit up and he started to slip those panties down her legs. He tucked them into his pocket as a memento and I just laughed quietly and kept sucking on the sweet tits my little sister had hidden in that bra. I watched him play with her twat, getting it nice and slick for him. And when it was I whispered “Alright baby, its time! I want you to fuck my little sister! Take her virginity! Shove that big swollen dick in her”

And OH did he! I leaned down and pulled her pussy lips apart, helping him ram his rock hard fuck stick inside. She moaned in her drunken stupor and started to wake up but I held her down.

It wasn’t long after that the super tight honey pot he was dipping into started to work its magic because he looked at me and begged me “Baby, do I have to pull out? I don’t want to!”

I smiled and shook my head “No honey, I want you to bust your nut inside her. Soak that little virgin pussy with cum!”

And he did! Losing his giant load inside her. As he pulled out I watched him stare at that sweet cream pie and I smiled. And then I told him that my little sister was coming to live with us and he could fuck her anytime he wanted! I have never seen a man look so happy in my life.

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