Give in to Me And Totally Surrender

There’s something so sexy and erotic about a man who gives himself over to you, giving you complete surrender control just because he wants to make you happy. The best kind of man for this is one that reeks of confidence, the kind of man who would never let himself be some woman’s plaything, but he knows how to surrender to her at the same time. A man who doesn’t like to lose control, someone who is very calculated and witty. I managed to get my guy to that state, by letting him have complete control over me first, with the understanding that he would give me the same.

He had me good, my pussy was sore for days afterward and so were other parts of me: legs, back, ass…you name it. It was great and I wanted to give him the same sexual experience because unless you’ve completely surrendered yourself to someone, you just can’t imagine the pleasure you’re missing.

I made him get naked then lie down on the bed.

“Remember when I completely and utterly surrendered to you? Well, now your mine.” I told him, running my fingertips gently over his body. He shivered and I saw his dick stiffen with excitement. I took out a pair of handcuffs and secured him to the headboard, then put a blindfold around his eyes. “Just relax and let me take complete care of you!” I said as he laid there helpless. I knelt between his legs and cupped his hot, heavy balls in my palm. Then I lightly bounced them and said “Wow, feels like somebody has a big load for me. Remember, the lady always cums first so keep control. You want to maintain control of that load!”

I gave his balls a few squeezes, while my other hand stroked him, teasing pre-cum out of him. When he started pushing his hips up and fucking himself in my hand, I totally let him go and moved up, straddling his waist. “Don’t forget, I cum first.”, and rubbed my pussy over his tip, driving him crazy. I finally lowered myself down, letting him slowly and I mean slowly, slide into my pussy. I moaned as he filled me and put my hands on his stomach, bracing myself. So I began to ride him, starting out slow then picking up speed. I went at a steady pace, making my pussy clench around him.

When my pussy was throbbing and aching I started to lose control.

I rode him harder and could see his stomach muscles tightening as he groaned, trying to stop himself from cumming. I slowed down until he backed away from the edge and sped up again. Then I bounced on his dick, feeling it go deep in me until my pussy throbbed and tightened around it once more. My big titties were bouncing and my hair kept falling in my face, as I moaned and cried out. My hands pressed down on him hard, as I leaned over him and started to cum again. It was the signal he had been waiting for and I felt him swell, as he finally let himself go and blew his wad deep inside of me.

When my second orgasm had passed, I straightened up and felt small drops of sweat on my body. I was glad he had obeyed me, by waiting for me to cum first so I decided to reward him. I climbed off him and laid beside him, draping my leg over him and letting my juices drip on him. “What else do you want me to do tonight?” I asked him and that’s when we decided to……..

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