Give It To Me Gramps!

When I was little I used to look at old WWII photos of my gramps, I used to always think to myself how incredibly attractive I thought me was. Looking at him, the way he looked in that Army uniform was so sexy to me, I could feel that little tingle in my pussy every time I thought about him. I used to imagine that he was my husband and every time he’d come home on leave, it was my pussy he came home to fuck. I’d pretend that I was outside hanging up laundry and he’d sneak up on me and grab my perky tits from behind. Could almost feel his hard-on, against my ass even in my daydream!

I used the love the way he would eagerly grab me and press himself up against me, the way he would gently grab my throat and kiss my neck. I mean, after all, it has been almost 8 months since the last time he passionately fucked me. Anyway, back to my day dream……I would turn around quickly, as he grabbed me by my waist and I would wrap my long legs around him. I could feel his prick rub up against my pussy and that would be it for me. Next thing I knew, I was thinking about us kissing fiercely, rubbing our yearning hands all over each other’s body and right then, in the middle of the backyard, without the ability to wait until we were inside, we began to go at it in the yard, like two lovers should who hadn’t seen each other in over 8 months.

Being the proper lady that I was in my daydream, naturally, I wore a dress, so his ability to penetrate me right there in the yard was easy.

All he needed to do was move my panties over to the side and plunge his throbbing rod deep inside of my sopping wet pussy and do what I knew all along he did best. Then, of course, I’d come back into reality and remember that the husband I always dream about is really my grandpa and there’s no way my dreams of fucking him would ever really happen….or is there?

Recently, gramps confessed to me that he has always had interesting dreams about me, to say the least, the VERY least and he was hesitant to elaborate much further, but after some coaxing what my grandpa told me, had me straddling his fuck stick, engulfing him with my sweet, wet cunt! To find out what grandpa told me, you’ll have to call me….just know dreams really do cum true!! Find out what he told me and more, with free phone sex! Let’s get started!

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