Stacey and I had been friends for a while. Our boyfriends at the time were best friends, so we often all hung out with each other. One night, she got in a fight with her boyfriend and called me up to ask if I’d be down to go out for a drink and talk. She figured that since my boyfriend was so close to hers, I’d know how to help her get though this fight.
Of course I went to console a good friend. We ended up getting piss drunk and by the end of the night, neither of us could drive home so we took a cab. While in the cab, her drunken talk revealed how she’s actually bisexual and how much she’s been crushing on me. Right after she said that, she kissed me on the lips. I wasn’t sure what to think of it, but all I knew was that I liked it and kissed her back. My place was the first stop so when we got there, I asked in. We held hands as we walked up the stairs to my apartment and my heart was thumping since I knew what was going to happen. We both slept with girls before, but this time it was more personal given our boyfriends were such close friends. I didn’t care because she was smoking hot and I was hornier than ever.

When we finally got through the door, we were all over each other. Her hands were in my pants stoking my hairless pussy, while my hands caressed her round fake tits. We finally managed to get our clothes off and that’s when she took control and pushed me down on the sofa, opened my legs and started to lick my pussy like it was a popsicle in the middle of summer. Her tongue was all up in my clit and she ate it like it was her last meal on earth. Needless to say, I came practically in seconds. I had been eaten out before my guys and girls, but damn, she knew all my spots and hit them hard on the nail.
I wanted to return the favor and told her to switch positions with me. She readily accepted and then it was my turn to send her into a state of bliss with my tongue and a few fingers that I carefully slipped in and out of her pussy while I licked it clean. I made sure to pay special attention to her ass hole with my tongue my fingers were now banging the shit out of her, while she moaned in pleasure. She couldn’t hold it in any longer and became to cum and told me it was now time to scissor each other. We got into position and proceeded to move our hops in unison, going back and forth, up and down. Our pussies were so tight against each other that our juices were now flowing as one. Our hips were starting to hump faster and faster until we were going at each other like a jackhammer. Her fingers started to massage my throbbing clit and I came so hard, I swear it lasted forever. She soon followed because I could remember was her telling me that I fucked her better than her own boyfriend. I told her the feeling was mutual and we decided right then and there, we’d have our own little tryst without the boys around!

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