Girls having sex with their teachers happens all the time.

Girls having sex with authority figures is so very common.  Don’t act like you’re surprised when you hear about it.  If you’re struggling in one of your college courses and the girl who comes in late, if at all, never studies, and never knows the correct answer is doing fine, this is why.  She’s sucking some major dick (or snatch).

How do you think I got through school?

I definitely didn’t study.  I mean, I knew I was going to be a stripper and wasn’t ever going to use any of that stuff they were teaching me, but my parents were still breathing down my neck about it.  I had to figure out a way to pass so that I could get them off my back and go out with my friends again.  So guess what I did.  I offered my mouth up for some ‘extra credit’.

Why do one at a time?

Who knew that teachers were so nasty.  Every time you see a student seducing a teacher in porn, he usually grapples with the idea of fucking his own student.  In reality, they jump at the opportunity and fucking that jail-bait pussy.   They have parties dedicated to it.  That’s how you find out who else has been fucking the teachers as well.

The dirtier you get, the higher your grade!

Passing wasn’t enough.  I’d still get shit from mom and dad if I didn’t get a B or better.  But that meant I wasn’t allowed to have any limits.  I’d squat next to my slut friend with my mouth open as the staff used me as a urinal at their twisted parties and I came to love it.  The absolute best thing about this was that I’d have a nice-sized clientele already waiting for me after graduating, aching to keep using me like a dirty little slut.

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