Girls’ night out with your wife is always a lot of fun. It’s almost impossible to believe that you manage to even get, let alone keep a wife. Since we both know that the pitiful appendage that you call a cock couldn’t possibly satisfy any woman.  “Why would she marry me if she was not happy?”, is what you have been asking yourself for years.  Let me break it down in Layman’s terms.   So plain that even an SPH cuckold like you will understand.  You are a meal ticket, a means to a nice home and car, and a plethora of free-flowing cash.  Believe me when I tell you it is not the cock. I know sometimes it can be hard to hear the truth.  However, I am all about giving it to you straight with no chaser. 

Girls’ night out? I’ve got you thinking now,  don’t I?  

Do you remember about 2 weeks ago when I came to pick her up from your house to have a girls’ night out?   Of course, you do.  I distinctly remember you, literally waiting at the window when we pulled up the next morning.   It was hot to watch your face as she stumbled drunk from my car and made her way to your front door. There you were, rushing to the door to help your drunk wife into the house before the neighbors could see.  I rolled down the car window as you opened the front door to let her in.  “Make sure you clean her up!”, I yelled out the window while laughing at a joke that you had not gotten the punch line to yet. 

Well, I think it’s time to show what your naughty little wife has been up to on those girls’ night out dates with Mallory.  That morning, she was so fucked up that you had to help her out of her clothes.  She was sweaty, sticky, and smelled like liquor and sperm had been poured on her.   Her panties were wet and full of cum that you had to peel them away from her swollen pussy.  “Baby, what have you been doing?” You ask, but seem to already know the answer.  Not that she could answer you audibly anyway, she was way too fucked up.   You continue to undress her when all of a sudden your phone rings.   You don’t recognize the number, but you answer.  “Hello?”, you answer.  

“It’s me, Mallory,”  I respond.   I was just the person you needed to talk to.  You had questions and you wanted to know the answers to. 

“What happened to my wife?”

The question made me laugh hysterically.  Because that was exactly the reason I called.  As you listened to me tell you all the things your wife told me about your tiny cocklette.  You were shocked,  you had no idea that your wife was talking about your little dick to her friends.  “She deserves a big dick and it was my mission to make sure that she got a lot of it,” I told you and listened with your tiny dick getting harder and harder.  As I continued to tell you the blow by blow of the fuckfest I took your wife on last night, you grew hornier and hornier.  

It was true.  

So intent on hearing all the sorted details of all the creampie filling that was put in her cunt just for you.  To put the icing on the cake I began sending pictures and videos from our night.   That morning as you looked at the fucked out whore you called wife on the bed.   You had never heard or seen her like that before.  My voice still in your ear instructing you to kneel down between her legs and clean the overstuffed creampie from her pussy.  Since you are such a good little SPH cuckold you do as you are told.   

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