Girls Having Sex During a Scary Movie

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My friend wanted to go over to her boyfriend’s place for Halloween and watch a scary movie. She insisted that I join her and I had no choice but to agree.

There I sat, meanwhile, they were making out. I was on the couch with her boyfriend’s roommate and I felt so awkward.

It wasn’t long before we could hear soft moans.

The two of them had shielded themselves with a blanket, however, we weren’t stupid. We knew damn good and well what was going on.

I tried to pay attention to the movie, but my friend’s moans were so distracting. That’s when his roommate smiled at me and patted the couch in front of him. I hesitated, but I crawled across the couch and laid in front of him.

I’d never done anything like this before and I didn’t even know him. Not really.

I could feel his boner poking me right in my ass and it sent me into expectation and my pussy started leaking juice into my panties. He started grinding his hips against my ass and his cock slid up and down my crack.

That’s when he slid his thumb into the waistband of my jeans and tugged them down.

I shuddered as his hand found its’ way between my legs. Reaching behind me I found that his cock was already out of his sweats and it was so hard. Grabbing it by the base, I slid it into my pussy and I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning. I mean, my friend was moaning loud enough for the both of us while the blankets on the floor shifted faster and faster.

He used a blanket to cover the two of us as well and started pumping into me. I wasn’t even watching the movie anymore. Instead, I was watching my friend get plowed and it surprised me that I wanted to see them. I wanted to watch his cock going in and out of her pussy while the guy I barely knew fucked me from behind.

Maybe we should watch a movie together. Maybe some really hot phone sex videos!