Girls Having Sex and Going Wild

While intensely reading her psychology book, ‘Girls Having Sex and Other Cum Eating Phone Sex Stories,she made me desire her, once again. That innocent looking girl sitting on our bed in her little glasses knew exactly how to get to me. A tight black dress hugged every curve on her body. Her beautiful round titties poured over the top of her dress, her nipples hard from the air conditioner blaring in our college girls’ dorm room. Sexy black lace panties peeked from her thighs, taunting me to worship her cunt.

“Can I suck your pussy, baby? I think you need a study break,” I asked.

Peering over her cute little glasses, she moaned, “Oh please do, baby, you know how much I love when you kiss my pussy!”

Getting The Party Started

I kissed her mouth slowly, then moved to her tightly toned stomach, to her soft inner thighs, I finally greeted her sweet little cunt. My kisses take longer as I go down on her pussy, my lips hold her pussy lips in mine, I can’t translate to words, but the thing is I just wanted fucking worshipping her.

“Ooooohhh God,” she moaned, as I thrust my tongue deep inside her, my finger softly, barely stroking her clit. I felt her pussy tighten down on my finger, letting out a sexy little cry.  I was getting wet now, knowing that I was close to making her cum. Then she screamed, “Oh yes, baby, I’m cumming for you,” then squirted her gorgeous white cream into my mouth. Happy with my accomplishment of satisfying her need to cum, I smiled and said, “I just fucking worship your tight, little cunt, baby.”

When The Fun Was Over

Without skipping a beat, she then went back to studying for her test.

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