Strap-On play isn’t always about pegging a guys ass and when two girls get together for fun a Strap On is perfect for pounding a tight wet pussy.

Bisexual Strap-On sex gets my pussy dripping wet especially when I’m in the mood to pretend I have a dick.

 It’s so much easier getting laid when you’re a woman; all you have to do is smile at a man and he’s ready to fuck your brains out and if there isn’t one around then all you have to do is call up one of your girlfriends for a little afternoon fun.

 Katie and I both had the afternoon free so we hung out at my place. We had a couple of drinks and sprawled against each other on the couch while channel surfing. We were bored out of our minds and she said she wished there were a couple of guys around to entertain us. I laughed and said we’d just have to play with ourselves which cracked us up and she put her arm around me, holding me closer.

“Sounds good to me,” she whispered and kissed me on the lips.

 She tasted sweet and she flicked her tongue against my lips, gently nudging them open so she could French me. Her tongue rubbed against mine and I slid my fingers through her hair as my pussy began to ache. She moaned and I knew she was feeling the same way so I forced myself to move away from her and said: “I’ve got something upstairs for you.” I took her to the bedroom and we undressed each other as excitement rushed through us.

 Her skin felt so soft and warm I couldn’t stop touching her, my hands fondling her tits and slipping between her legs. I stroked her pussy lips until she was moaning then pushed a finger inside her, pumping it until her juices were dripping down my hand. Then I went to my closet and she sat on the bed watching me as I put on a Strap-On. I got on the bed and she licked her lips as I made her get down on all fours.

 She looked so sexy and sleek with her long lean legs stretched behind her and her blonde hair falling over her shoulders.

I ran a hand slowly down her back. Making her shiver before I got behind her round firm ass and gave it a couple of playful smacks. She laughed and told me to do it harder which I did, my hand landing on her with loud cracks. Her ass cheek got a nice redness to it and I could see juices on her pussy lips.

 I held my dick and brushed it over them, teasing her as she tried to rock back on it and get it inside her. She’s such a horny slut and it made me so wet seeing an act like that. I put a hand on her back and shoved my dick into her tight wet pussy, making her scream. She threw her head back as I began to fuck her hard and fast, my hands holding her hips as I grunted and shoved my dick in and out of her.

 I could see the muscles in her back tightening as she shook and moaned. Her ass hitting me as I thrust forward. My nails scratched her as I kept going. Forcing every inch in her as she grabbed the sheets and begged for more. I pounded her tight hole until she froze under me and shuddered, her body twisting as she came.

 I stayed deep inside until it passed then slowly pulled out of her, making her sensitive body shiver as it rubbed past her pussy walls. Then I crawled up the bed and laid down. Waiting for her to catch her breath so she could lick her juices off me.

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