I understand what makes a man want to look for a girlfriend experience.

Sometimes you are just too busy for a relationship. There’s too much on your plate, or the girlfriend you already have doesn’t meet your needs. It’s really hard to feel alone… Sure, phone sex is hot and fun, but getting off doesn’t completely relieve the stress of every day life. Sometimes you need someone to talk to, someone who will listen to you without judgment and with complete adoration and support.

I love these kind of phone calls. The calls that are about fostering a deeper connection. The kind of call where I can really let my guard down and share all of my secrets. Of course, not every guy can really give me that… there has to be a spark, I have to want it too.

Do you know what I mean? Are you looking for that kind of feeling?

Do you want a sensual woman who surprises you, who keeps you on your toes and will make you laugh? The kind of girl that stimulates your mind, says things that make you think and can keep up with you in a conversation? The kind of girl who can shoot the shit, get real with you and talk about anything? Serious, light hearted, sad, happy and everything else in between… with a deep desire and without judgment?

I love the way a man can open up to me in ways that he can’t with anyone else…

The way he and I escape together. Taking a break from the real world and getting lost in each other, making everything feel okay for a little while. Finally able to relax as we describe all the ways we would trace our fingers across the others body, pull each other in close, kiss deeply and drift into a steamy roleplay…

Let your mind runaway with me… you need it.