All I need in this life of sin… Is Me and My Girlfriend

It’s an old adage, really. Yet it holds so true. Nothing like the feeling of being with my girlfriend. This bitch has been by my side through thick and thin. Through high school locker rooms and multiple moves. She stands by me no matter who’s hating, or for that matter, loving me.

See, she and I have this amazing bond. We both adore cock, love to be with men, but there’s nothing quite like the solace and solitude that can be found nestled between the (more than hefty) cleavage of your best friend. I wish I could say something corny like, “It’s not gay in a three way,” but quite frankly I just don’t care.


I think I first realized I was completely and totally in love with my best friend for life (BFFL), Katie, when she taught me how to suck a dick in high school

Using a banana and a vibrating toy – as props. Honestly, I was waiting for her to try and use them both at the same time. It was so silly and naïve and yet, broke down so many barriers between us. To see her slide that fleshy yellow skin deep into her mouth, and demonstrate how to keep your teeth away, while relaxing her mouth all at the same time… I was instantly smitten.


Fast forward a couple years and I had just moved after college. Katie flew up to help me transition into my new place.

Be my wing-girl as I explored the town. I picked her up from the airport at 8 and we spent the whole day unpacking, eating pizza, and dancing around to Mama Mia playing endlessly in the background on the first TV we found. The place was coming along nicely and Katie asked me if I wanted to grab a nap before we got ready to go out for the night. I, of course, said yes. We quickly scavenged boxes to find a couple fluffy pillows, and went to flop down on my nice King sized bed. Luckily it was already together, courteous of a couple of handsome moving guys that dropped off all my stuff yesterday. I’d still yet to make the bed, but we didn’t let that get us down.

“So, you think you’ll last long in this city?”

“As long as it’s interesting.”

“How long is that?”

“You ask too many questions,” I prodded her softly in the side.

“I just wonder,” she slid closer, “if you’re ever going to settle down.”

“Does it matter?” With that Katie closed her eyes, leaned in, and pressed her soft lips to mine. When I didn’t resist she kept going, scooting closer to me as she explored my mouth with her tongue, one hand finding its way to the zipper of my jeans. As she slipped her fingers down inside my panties, a little moan escaped my lips.

“Oh yeah?” Katie looked up into my eyes and I nodded. “Good.” With that she rolled me onto my back, slid my pants off, and spread my legs open. “Beautiful,” was all that managed to escape her as she descended upon my wet little pussy. Spreading it first with her fingers, then her tongue.

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