A blind date, why not. 
A blind date, why not. 
Right away I realized he was one of those self absorbed pretty boy mother 
fuckers. You know the one, with the Polo shirt and the pressed dockers with 
loafers and no socks. Every hair was strategically placed in a perfect hair 
Half way through the date I realized that Tim was trying to get me drunk in 
order to get in my panties. Little did Mr. Perfect realize but alcohol was a 
huge part of my household growing up. Rolling Rock was my fathers choice of baby 
food when mom was out. Wine was served with every meal from the age of 12 on up. 

The faster he ordered the drinks the drunker he got!  I applauded the effort and 
I decided that I would allow "Mr.Perfect" in my panties, just NOT the way he was 
As we headed back to my place it was clear that I needed to drive. Once we got 
into my apartment I told Tim that he needed to strip while I changed into 
something more comfortable. The look on his face was priceless. He stumbled 
forward trying to take everything off as fast as he could. 
I slipped into the bedroom to get more comfortable. I heard Tim falling all over 
cursing as he bumped into everything. 
Then it went completely quiet. I peeked out to see Tim passed out completely 
naked on the sofa. His clothes where thrown everywhere. He was face down on the 
sofa with one leg hanging off of the side. I could not have planed it better. 
I finished slipping on my favorite 9 inch strap-on. Grabbed a few pairs of 
panties, some lube and my digital camera. 
I started out by running my nails down his back and ass. I got the exact 
reaction that I wanted when I touched his ass. Tim started to arch his back 
lifting his ass in the air like a good little bitch. With out missing a step I 
started to dribble the lube on his ass and the strap-on at the same time. Once I 
had a good amount of lube on both I moved in place. Putting the tip of my fake 
cock against his ass hole. Slowly running my nails on his ass he started rocking 
back and forth on my fake cock. Slowly I started pressing it harder until I felt 
the POP of the head entering his ass. I was afraid that the pain would wake him 
from his drunkin stupor. The opposite happened, Tim was moaning and rocking 
harder backwards until the entire cock filled his ass. 
After a few minutes of taking it all in I started to slowly pull out, just as 
the tip was about to come out I slammed it in as far as it would go. Tim's 
reaction told me everything I needed to know. I continued to assault his ass as 
hard and fast as I could. I fucked him with all my might for almost 25 minutes. 
I came like a waterfall with out even having to touch my pussy. The friction 
from the strap-on combined with the power I held was amazing. 
I striped off my strap-on and I flipped Tim on to his back. once he was in 
position I straddled his face and rubbed my pussy like a wild woman. I came so 
hard that my pussy juice shot all over his face. After I was completely 
satisfied I climbed off.
Reaching over and grabbing a pair of hot pink lace boy shorts. I slipped them on 
Tim and slid them up over his semi hard cock that got no attention at all. 
After snapping a few pictures I switched panties and repeated this. After 5 
pair's of panties and 86 pictures I decided to call it a night. 
I left Tim's clothes folded neatly on the table. Placing the used panties in his 
hands, I let him sleep in the red satin panties and went to bed. 
As I expected when I woke up the next day Tim was long gone, but interesting 
enough so where all of the panties. 
The note he left said it all. 
It read;