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I love my boyfriend he is so loving and passionate. He loves to please me in all kinds of ways even making a girlfriend homemade sex tape. Whether it is in the bedroom or out in public.  I was over at his house the other night making some tea when he came up behind me and grabbed me by my waist. He slowly started smelling my hair and kissing my neck. I giggled and told him I was making him some tea. That’s when he started playing even harder. So I told him if he relaxed for a little bit we could make a girlfriend homemade sex tape.

He got even more excited and said he was going to get the bedroom ready and the camera set up. I told him ok as I was making the tea and getting dinner ready.  I started putting dinner on the table when he came out in his underwear. All I could do was laugh as I told him to come to eat some dinner.

When the fun began

He sat down right across from me at the dinner table. Looking at me and smiling while he was saying sweet nothings. Then he got into what he was going to do to me in the bedroom. I started blushing and getting wet sitting there listing to him. As he was talking about tieing me down to the bed and kissing my neck. Then he talked about how he was going to grab the cool whip and bring it to the bedroom so he could eat it off my nipples and my pussy.

I was all excited by then I knew it was going to make an awesome girlfriend homemade sex tape. When I started to get up and put dinner up he came over and started kissing my neck then I told Dewayne, my boyfriend, to give me a little bit so I could do the dishes. That’s when he looked at me and went to the fridge and grabbed the cool whip and ran to the bedroom.  I got up to put the dishes in the sink when he ran out of the bedroom picked me up and carried me to the bedroom.

That’s when the girlfriend homemade sex tape began

Dewayne set me on the side of the bed and slowly started kissing me on my lips and slowly started making his way down my neck. I could feel him breathing in my ear which is a big turn on for me. The more he progressed down the wetter I got. He came back up and started kissing my lips again.

Then all of the sudden he picked me back up and through me higher in the bed. He jumped on top of me and reached down and grabbed me by my wrist. As he reached to tie my wrist to the headboard I could see his chest muscles tightening up. Once he had them tied he started kissing my lips and moving his way back down. I could feel his cock growing harder against my leg.

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