I know you’ve had a hard week, but I’m here for only you.

Sit down with me and let me hear all about it. You can tell me all about it while I rub your shoulders and ease your tension. Working out the kinks of your knotted muscles, my hands tender and firm while they travel the span of your back. My touch will melt all of that stress away as the skin on skin will soothe you. You can tell me any and every thought that crosses your mind and I’ll still want to hear more.  This is the girlfriend experience you crave.

Lets go out to dinner, and laugh together over drinks. My eyes caress your face, and the smile that plays across my lips shows you how happy I am to just be there with you. I dress up for your pleasure.  I crave the hunger that will build in your eyes while I cross and uncross my nylon clad legs.  When the food is delivered, you can watch while I eat, hanging on your every word and drawing attention to my mouth with each bite.

I’ll reach across the table to touch you in little ways, as you catch a hint of the perfume I wore for you, giving you the ultimate girlfriend experience.

When you feed me a bite of dessert, the seductive way my lips wrap around your spoon let you know you’re the only one I see regardless of how crowded the room is.  Should we go back to your place and have a drink?  The girlfriend experience means I’m here only for you.

I crave showing you in all of the little ways I pay attention.  I love making your favorite drink in just the right way so you can see how much I pay attention to your wants and needs.  After we sip our drinks and get cozy, I’ll snuggle up close, and breathe you in.  The need in me for you building.

The heat that started as embers at the beginning of our night has turned into a full fire.

I see a lightness in your eyes after we’ve spent time talking, laughing and enjoying one another.  I know how to help you relax further.   Standing up, and taking your hand, I’ll lead you to the bedroom where you can watch me slowly slip out of my dress.  Bending as I slide off my nylons, followed by my garter.  You can admire the body that belongs to you as I start to help you out of your clothes too.  I want you to have the girlfriend experience need.

My fingertips cause shivers to run along your skin as I unbutton first your shirt, and then on to your pants. By the time I have you undressed, you’ve helped me off with the rest of my lingerie.

I’ll nuzzle my face to your neck, trailing little kisses as I start stroking your cock.  I want to give you the best girlfriend experience.

Kissing you passionately while you’re firm in my hand, I can hardly wait to taste all of you.  Feeling your hands roam my body, the heat between us builds.  Neither of us has the patience to take our time and that’s when we collide. Touching, tasting, groping, and a tangle of limbs and our bodies forming one together.   Hearing you groan when I take your cock into my mouth is almost its own reward.  Feeling your body shuddering as you cum deep within my pussy as your fingers dig into my skin.  The best part?  I’ll be here tomorrow to do it all again, and again to meet your every need.  The best GFE you’ve ever had.  Do you love a Deep Throating Queen?  Cum to the phone sex free!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke