Girlfriend Experience Fuck! Let Me Give it to You!

So, you want a girlfriend experience fuck, huh? Well, I’m more about giving you what you NEED over what you THINK you want! Mr. X had texted me the where (Club Macanudo on  63rd Street in New York City) and I have to say, my pussy gesticulated immediately. I love a good cigar! Plus, I’ve been to the Knickerbocker Hotel many, many times and I was pretty SURE that’s where the real meet-up would happen.

I sashayed through the hotel’s front doors after making a pit-stop at the cigar bar; and felt a tingle of nerves while taking the lift to the penthouse on the 15th floor. It opened into the grand entry hall where I gave a sexy, “Hello!”. No reply. I must have arrived before my benefactor. Yum for me. I get time to make a great presentation. Everything is in that first impression. This wouldn’t be my usual type of fucking. You know, I’m high-end, but WOW!

A Perfect Girlfriend!

I stepped into the luxury shower and slipped into a sexy dress and heels, no panties, of course. LOL. The door chimed as it did when I entered. Game on for our girlfriend experience fuck! As always, my heartbeat picked up to a peal of thunder in my chest. Of course, I cover it well and fluffed my hair across the pillow as I lay back in anticipation. He took his time coming upstairs and that made the excitement build for a perfect girlfriend fuck.

Then, the door opened. “Ashley?” Hmmm. Nice voice, broad shoulders, tall. “Yes. Ashley, how do you do, Mathias?” “I do everything, Ashley. So, can we cut the bullshit? I know your name isn’t, Ashley…”

So, We’re Gonna Do The Girlfriend Experience Fuck the Hard Way, Huh?

My heart pounded again. ‘Moreover, what does this have to do with a girlfriend?’!  I asked that part in my head. The client is always right. Right? I mean, I’ve seen this dude on tv for the last few weeks and I know damned well his name isn’t Mathias. But, you won’t hear me arguing that point. Who the fuck cares? We’re both trying to get to the same end. We want to fuck.

But, the Senator wants what he wants, and that’s a girlfriend experience fuck. So, he pulled out a familiar clear baggy with white powder in it. I curled the corners of my mouth as I watched him selfishly bend over to snort it with a rolled bill. I say selfishly because he never even made an offer to me; not that I would take it. I personally believe a clean body is a clean spirit, so to speak. LOL.

My Form of Girlfriend Fuck…

So, I got off the bed and slowly walked toward him. Then, he swiped at his white powdered nostrils and stood erect. Yeah. There! I walked closer and he grabbed my wrists, spun me in my heels, and pulled the nightie high over my bare ass cheeks And right there, in the windows overlooking the busy street below, he plunged his dick deep inside me. However, I didn’t have a chance to check for the condom (a MUST in this business)!

Want to know what happened during that night of girlfriend experience fuck and debauchery? Check back on this story next time. Have I got tea to spill on that!? But, lucky (or unlucky) for YOU, you can get the same treatment from phone sex with me. So, Cum and get it!

Kiss, kiss.

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