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There’s nothing quite like the humiliation of a girlfriend cuckold. You don’t deserve her, anyway. Consider yourself lucky she keeps you around for laughs!

Role playing the part of your “mean girlfriend” who makes a fool of you is one of my favorite premises for feminization phone sex. I can hardly wait for the inevitable (and hilarious) reveal cumming up, the moment I show my date what you’re wearing underneath your unconvincing “man” costume. Take off those pants, bitch. I didn’t buy those frilly pink panties for you to just keep them hidden!

And don’t pretend you didn’t want this. I had you pegged for the sniveling cocksucker you are from the day we met. Why do you think I endured that handful of times we “had sex” in the beginning? It was all leading up to this, faggot. You’re the punchline, and yes, the joke is on you.

To the outside world, we’re just a regular couple. Maybe some people suspect you’re deep in a girlfriend cuckold. Who knows, maybe it’s apparent even to STRANGERS that you “getting some” consists strictly of you sucking another man’s cock before he fucks me. Either way, this is the best you could hope for. Better, even. I mean LOOK at me, for God’s sake . . . and LOOK at YOU! You are fucking blessed.

Oh, and that reminds me: don’t forget to thank my handsome, well-endowed date for letting you suck his cock and lick his balls. And if you could do that with both or either in your cum whore mouth, well, that would be just great. Thanks, honey!! Ha ha.

Cum out, cum out wherever you are, closet queen! It’s humiliation phonesex time. I’m right here, waiting for your call . . .

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke