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Dear dirty pervs, have you been fantasizing about me again? Thinking about what the cuckold girlfriend experience has to offer? My ears have been burning (and no, it’s not from all the phone sex)! I’m sure talked to some of your friends about how you’re worried your sexy girlfriend might step out on you. Well, let me tell you how this whole ordeal would go down if you were having the girlfriend cuckold experience. You see, I’m a woman with standards. The cock doesn’t have to be elephant-sized, but it needs to be good. If you’re small, well, we’re gonna have some issues! Even if I really like you, eventually I’ll have to let you know that your cock just won’t ever cut it for me.

Don’t take it personally…?

If you’re a little on the small side you just have to get used to having a girlfriend cuckold to tease you and never please you. Nothing wrong with that. It’s kind of a win-win situation really. I get to fuck big cock and you get to watch sex that you can never have in real life. I get dressed up, go out to some bars, maybe even take you with me. If you’re good, I might even let you help me pick out the guy of the night that will get to fuck my tight pussy in front of you.

My favorite cock of all MIGHT be black…

You probably remember from sports practice that black cock is usually the biggest, I don’t need to tell you. Believe me, those beautiful, fat, dark chocolate cocks have stretched my pussy like no other! But as you know, I’m a slut who loves all kinds of interracial sex. We’ll find one together and I’ll let you watch him please me in ways that you’ll never be able to! Depending on my mood I might even make you help me get him ready. If you’re REALLY good, I might even let you clean up the mess. He cums deeper in my pussy than you’ve ever gone. That’s hilarious, actually.

What good is the girlfriend cuckold experience I don’t teach you how to be a good little bitch?

Don’t worry, you will learn all of the tricks. How to please me first, him second and maybe even yourself while you watch us fucking. You’d like that though wouldn’t you? Jacking off your sad little peapod while you watch big black cock pound my tight pussy? You know by the time he finishes with me, there is no way you could ever satisfy me. So sad, so true.

It’d be a really good reminder that I’m your girlfriend cuckold and that your little dick will never be able to please me like he did! So let’s finish this off right with some naughty cuckold phone sex! What is your hot cuckold girlfriend fantasy? I’m sure I can help you with it.

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