My roommate during the last few years of college was a girl called Stacy – 5’6″ just like me, but she had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. We became friends during a wild party, and have been pretty close ever since.. And because of our similar party antics, we’re pretty fucking kinky. She can’t get enough – and neither can I. We’re both crazy for guys.. but hey, sometimes when we get a little bored, why not play around? We decided to keep an apartment together even after college, since we stayed in the area, and everything stayed pretty much the same.
However, it wasn’t until recently that things started getting a little more heated! One of my dirty flings suggested that I go on a little adventure.. a scavenger hunt for her toys! Before long, I was playing with her clit vibrator, her dildo was balls-deep in me, and I was squirting all over that bed like no one’s business. Something about the forbidden nature of it.. This was on a whole new level. But what I didn’t expect was how far it could go.
I’d had some girl on girl playtime before, specially with her.. but this was even more kinky than I thought. when I was done, I kept those buzzing little toys inside me – leaving a cute little note on her bed, “Come find your toys! ;)” and she did. She saw the note as soon as she walked into her room and came looking for me, kind of annoyed at first – until she heard that distinct little buzz coming from my short shorts.. and that’s when it got wild. She let her hands start wandering all over me, down into my panties..pulling out that clit vibe to give it a little lick and slide it right down her panties instead.. There’s a lot more to say about that day – it ended up in a full girl on girl session, and the same dirty boy has suggested quite a few other things I can do to my roommate.. I think I might even get her involved in a little bi phone sex, if she’s up for it 😉


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I can’t wait to play with you. 😉