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So many guys love to see and hear me getting pounded by a huge big black cock, and I’m definitely a fan of that! But I feel like no one talks about me playing with black girls, which is another thing I love to do. Girl-on-girl interracial sex is so spicy and hot! Just last weekend, me and my friend Rosalie put on a show for a bunch of frat boys at a party. We love being young little sluts.

Rosalie has a beautiful body. She first caught my eye during my freshman year, and I knew I wanted to make her my play buddy. She has a gorgeous hourglass shape, with a huge black girl ass to match. Her pussy is always wet and ready to go. Her lips are soft and luscious. I know I can always count on her to put on a show with me and to get freaky. She’s never been scared if there was a room of guys that wanted to fuck us both. Rosalie is always down for that!

That’s exactly what happened at the party we attended. Guys at our school can get a little wild, but Rosalie and I definitely like it a lot. After all, it’s one of the reasons we wanted to attend a legendary Florida party school! We started locking lips and making out. We weren’t nervous like some of the other girls. Our kisses were passionate. Our tongues twisted and locked together. It drove everyone crazy.

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And it was. Everything Rosalie and I do together gets really hot and heavy. The party was no exception. I got on top of her lap while we were sitting on the couch, and I started grinding my hips against hers. Her dark skin looked delicious against my pale white skin. She started pushing my hips up and down, hitting her hips hard. My short little black dress was riding up, slowly revealing to the crowd that I wasn’t wearing any panties. Guys started coming near us, one of them grabbed my tits and pulled them over my dress. My nipples were so hard against Rosalie’s body.

I pulled her top off of her, so our tits and nipples were pressing up against each other. I love feeling how hard they are against mine, and I decide that it’s time for me to taste her sweet pussy. The guys are cheering our girl-on-girl interracial sex fest on. I bunch up her skirt so it’s by her navel, and I spread her legs wide open. She has dancer legs just like I do, they are perfectly toned. I start kissing them from her knees up towards her pussy.

One of my favorite things to do with Rosalie is to tease her since her pussy is so sensitive.

I carefully moved my tongue up and down her pussy lips without touching her clit at all. She started grinding her wet cunt against my face just begging my tongue to play with her clit. I teased her for a couple more minutes. Then, Rosalie got my face soaking wet, so I darted my tongue on her exposed clit.

Her pussy juices leaked into my mouth, and they tasted so good. We were having so much fun together that I forget about the group of college frat boys watching us. Rosalie started cumming, and her pussy was throbbing. I loved making her cum so much. Then, she pulled me off of her pussy and laid me down on the couch. She pulled my legs open, and I didn’t put up a fight at all. Once she had me on my back, she started fingering my pussy and using her tongue to play with my ass. I bucked my hips up and down. My body was begging her to make me cum.

Of course, Rosalie didn’t disappoint. Her mouth sent me through a wave of ecstasy on the tip of her tongue. Once I came, I could barely move at all, but my eyes scanned the room. Rosalie and I looked at each other and realized we just made a room full of horny college girls ready to put on a girl-on-girl interracial sex show of their own. We could tell they wanted to fuck both of us, over and over again.

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