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Girl on Girl is too much fun, I love cock but please sometimes I just want to play with someone soft and creamy. This bi sexual fantasy became reality when I was just a young girl about 10. I was spending the night with my bestie like so many times before. We had both started getting little mounds of titties and noticing our bodies changing. As we lay there that night talking about boys, school, and life in general when she surprised me. She leaned over and gave me a kiss right on my lips. “What did you do that for Lena?” I asked. “Because I think you are so pretty.. I love your dark hair and beautiful eyes.” I did not know what to say but after thinking about it for a few minutes, I leaned over and gave her a kiss.

This time we kissed each other passionately.

Afterward, we laid side by side for quite a while. “Do you want to touch me anywhere?” she asked, growing almost breathless. So, I leaned over and stroked her belly, and the little bumps she had for tits. “Do you want to touch me too?” I asked her timidly. She nodded, and even in the dark, there was enough light that I could see her outline. She whispered in my ear, growing a little shy. “Can I touch you down there?” I simply nodded and lifted my gown, and pulled her hand into my panties. She gently touched my pussy lips, stroking them over and over. I could feel a heat building in my belly and my pussy was quivering. I’d never really felt that before, until her.

She stopped because suddenly we heard movement in the bed across the room. It was a large room, but she shared it with her brother and I think he heard us. He was always spying on us anyway. We quickly laid back and went silent. We listened and could hear something, but we weren’t really sure what it was. It sounded like cloth being moved about. Suddenly, we heard a sharp intake of breath and low groan. It was clearly Alex, all the way across the room. Lena picked up a stuffed bear and threw it across the large room to the corner where Alex’s bed was. He was 11 years old. “Alex! Are you spying on us and doing naughty things?” she demanded to know.

He laughed, and we heard him get up and walk out of the room.

Lena growled and hit the bed with her fists. Frightened, I sat up in the bed. “Is he going to tell on us?” She rubbed my head and whispered, “no, he would never, because I would tell mom what he was doing.” I turned to face her with big, curious eyes. I didn’t have brothers so I had no clue at the time. “What was he doing?” She looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes. “He was touching himself like I was touching you.” I mouthed a quiet ‘oh’ as I realized what just happened. “Yea, big brothers, right?” Lena said with sarcasm dripping off her tongue. We laughed and hugged each other, hiding under the covers and playing innocently for a few minutes.

However, we found many nights and lots of ways to play with each other. Alex never intervened, but he was always there making noise under his own covers and listening to the two shadowy figures playing under the covers. Of course, we found other times to play as well. Over the years we learned many ways to please each other and even got some of our friends into girl on girl play. We fumbled our way through oral sex and fingering one another. She loved to nurse me from her breast, she said that was her favorite. As her titties got larger and more perfect, I loved laying across her lap and sucking for the longest periods of time. Occasionally she would finger my pussy while I sucked her breasts. We were crazy about each other and created plenty of lesbian sex stories together. Naturally, today I love cock and I only play with girls from time to time. Usually, the ones I play with are all phone sex girls, too! But nothing will ever compare to Lena and my first sexual partner.

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