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The bisexual orgy was far from over after the bisexual husband came in my boyfriend. The bisexual wife looked at me, as we both were covered in my boyfriend’s cum. She opened her mouth and started licking the cum off my face and chin. I had a taste for cum, so I couldn’t help but do the same for her. The taste of her skin mixed with cum was delicious. Our hands wandered across our bodies as the boys watched us having a little girl-on-girl action.

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I started making out with the bi-wife as my guy and her hubby watched us. My hand found its way down to her pussy and finger-fucked her. She moaned “It hurts so good.” Then I took my soaking wet fingers out of her cunt and made her lick them clean. I smiled at her as I said, “Good girl.” That’s when my hand went back around her neck and guided her down to her knees. “You look so beautiful when your mouth is on my pussy.” I didn’t have to tell her what to do next, as the boys were stroking their cocks to us having our girl-on-girl action.

She immediately put her mouth on my cunt and began licking my pussy lips.

“Keep licking pretty girl,” I told her. She looked up at me as I held her head down. The boys were eyeing us both. Of course, I pointed it out, “You naughty boys enjoying the show?” That’s when I pulled up the bi-wife by her hair and faced her to the boys. “You boys like watching a little girl-on-girl action?” I said as I smacked her perky tits. I reached down to her pussy and started finger fucking her soaking wet cunt.

The girl-on-girl action continued in front of the boys as I furiously rubbed the bi-wife’s clit.

She moaned loudly and tried to put her arms around my neck to kiss me. She was begging me not to stop. “Cum for me pretty girl, cum for me in front of the boys,” I demanded. Her legs began to buckle as her pussy began gushing for me. Her cum dripped down my hand and onto her thighs. I made her suck my fingers like a good girl. Then I sat her down and summoned the boys to come over. I spread her legs and said that us ladies would love a good cock in our pussies.

Me and the bisexual wife kept kissing as our boys slid their cocks inside us, we kept giving each other sloppy kisses as the boys fucked us both until we all screamed in pleasure. Now, we plan to meet up again at the next orgy.

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