My bi-boyfriend got to play with someone’s bisexual husband!


My boyfriend and I knew from the start that a bisexual orgy was the perfect opportunity to get our kink on. However, we didn’t think we’d be so lucky to get with a bisexual couple! As my bi-boyfriend sucked on the bisexual husband’s cock and I licked the bi-wife’s clit, I looked at my boyfriend out of the corner of my eye. He looked back at me with a huge cock in his mouth. Then as the bi-wife’s musky wetness dripped down my chin, I smiled back at him.

“Hey Lovebirds,” said the bisexual husband, “I think you both need a good fuck.”

My bi boyfriend immediately stood up and made out with the bisexual husband. “You want to fuck me too, pretty girl?” I said to the bi-wife as I grabbed her neck and forced her down to suck my perky tits. “Good girl,” I said as her tongue flicked my hard nipples. “Does my good girl want to watch my boyfriend getting fucked?” She enthusiastically began to moan, but that wasn’t enough. I needed to hear her say it. So I smacked her tits and forced her to speak; “Tell me what I want to hear, pretty girl. Do you like watching your hubby shove his cock into my man?” The bi wife took a deep breath as I kept smacking her tits.

“I want to watch my husband fuck your boyfriend,” she said as I pulled her up by her hair.

“Come on baby,” I told my husband “us girls want to see you take a cock like a good boy.” That’s when me and the bi wife laid down my bi-boyfriend and spread his legs out.  We both began kissing my bi-boyfriend as the bisexual husband began to tap his big cock on my bi-boyfriend’s tight asshole. I took the initiative and started sucking my boyfriend’s cock. “Say you want it, my dirty boy.”

“I want his big cock in my asshole,” he wailed. “Please fuck me.”

The bisexual husband smiled. He loved hearing my bi-boyfriend beg for cock as much as I did. Then he said “Cum for daddy” as he slid his huge cock into my boyfriend’s asshole. I continued to suck my boyfriend’s cock, then the bi-wife took over and helped me play with his cock and balls. The bisexual husband kept pounding his cock inside my bi boyfriend.  “Take my cock you twink!” said the bisexual husband. Me and the bi wife kept kissing each other as the fucked right in front of us. Then we went back to licking and sucking my boyfriend’s cock. The bi-wife even licked her hubby’s cock as it slid in and out of my boyfriend’s asshole.

The bisexual husband came inside my boyfriend and my boyfriend came all over me and the bi wife’s face. Then me and the wife had the boys watch us both lick the cum off of each other.  But the night wasn’t over yet and it was only getting hotter.

To be continued…

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