The girl next door grew up to be a little sass but she’s going to put on a show for you.

An in-ground pool is a beautiful thing. And what’s even more beautiful is the girl next door in it. She can’t be more than hmmm 16….probably just got her first car. She’s tan and tone and home all by herself.

She’s feeling a little daring today. How do you know this? You’re watching her from your window. And she knows that. She’s definitely the girl next door but she’s just a little too bad to be the sweetheart you saw her grow up as. Sure she’d come over and help you with something if her Daddy asked her to, but she’s got an attitude!

I mean, how much more obvious could you be beginning to jerk your cock as her robe falls to the ground. She’s completely naked and glistening in the sun…ready to soak it up.

For sixteen she’s developed into a very mature figure, with supple breasts, big puffy nipples, a tight little tummy, and a bald pussy. She even stretched for a minute showing you all her holes. She dives into the water and just her perky ass is sticking out of the surface. Then she flips on her back and her tots are floating, her wet skin looks so perfect in the sun.

She’s supposed to be at school right now but you’re not going to tell her parents, right? The girl next door is making your afternoon right now, and she knows it. She’s pushing her tits together and splashing water on them. She swims down to the shallow end and does a handstand and opens her legs…..she’s showing you exactly where to put your cock. Are you taking the invitation? One shouldn’t be rude to the girl next door and ignore the invitation. Dip your toe in or cannonball into the deep end. She wants you.

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