I love exploring the Girl Friend Experience, especially with a Grey Fox Sugar Daddy.  There’s just something about the touch of an experienced man. He knows what he wants and needs.  Don’t get me wrong, the Girl Friend Experience with a younger man is just as tantalizing.

Excited for my special playdate with my grey fox sugar daddy I hurried to our special hotel room.  I couldn’t wait to see him.  Our time together was extremely sexual. Ordinarily, he would leave me an expensive gift from La Perla like lingerie and sexy stockings to match.  Slowly I pulled the bow to my reveal my special gift of red silky lingerie with beautiful lace and stockings to match.  Simply beautiful, the lingerie complimented the last gift of a fur coat. Dressed to impress, I didn’t like to keep my sugar daddy waiting.

I heard the elevator stop on our floor and the hotel door open very slowly. His voice echoed through the perfumed filled suite, as he called out for me: “Mon Cheri!”  He looked so distinguished dressed in his sexy hot suit. His white shirt unbuttoned revealing his chest full of silver hair.  I couldn’t wait to greet him in my sexy lingerie and fur coat. Closing the door with one hand while with his other hand surrounded my waist and pulled me in close to him.  I shudder immediately, as he brought me closer to his body.  I could feel his excitement, as I felt his throbbing cock between our bodies.

His hold on me was so intense, as he kissed me deeply and lead me toward the bed.  I pushed him down gently and let him fall into the sheets.  His eyes never left my body, as he undressed me with desire. I take off my fur coat slowly, enjoying the sexual tension that was building between us.  Slowly I straddled him with my long sexy legs. I could feel his throbbing cock, as I glided my body across his. Fox pulled me in for a long wet kiss, as I started undressing him desperately.

His hands explored every part of my body, as I continued to undress him. Soon he was completely naked and my full sultry lips made a trail down his body.  Lingering over every inch, as I approached his throbbing cock.  Caressing his balls with my hands, as my tongue circled his cock endlessly.  Fox softly caressed my raven black hair, as I gradually increased the intensity of the blow job. I could feel his breathing grow strong, as he was about to lose control. The power was all mine for the moment, as I lowered my lips deep onto his throbbing cock.  Furthermore, I wanted to give him the perfect Girl Friend Experience and give him everything his wife didn’t give him. I was his Sugar Baby Mistress and he was Sugar Daddy Grey Fox!! See how my sexy hot weekend concludes in Part 2

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