Girl Dick + Drugs Binge

The girl who had just given me a line of coke to snort off her dick pulled me up into her arms and laid me across the laps of two girls who had been sitting across from us watching while jerking each other off.

“You have been such a bad girl,” I heard one of them say. Her hand grazed my naked ass as another hand (whose I wasn’t sure at this point) squeezed on my already very hard right nipple. I felt a mouth slide around my other nipple as someone slipped a blindfold onto me. It was time for some sensory deprivation-style spankings, a fitting punishment for everyone’s whore.

The first slap was a hard one. I could feel the warm, tingly after burn of it long after she’d raised her hand back up. The combined sensation of having my nipples sucked while being spanked was amazing — my nipples are possibly the most sensitive, most sensual part of my body for me. I’ve had a few lovers who have nearly made me cum JUST from sucking on them . . . maybe that night it would happen for the first time? It seemed possible . . . especially since I was getting the spanking I so deserved (and badly needed) at the same time!

I could feel my girlfriend’s hot breath in my ear again.

Maybe the mystery of who had been sucking my left nipple was solved, maybe not . . . maybe it wasn’t her. I really didn’t give a fuck, it just felt so good . . .

“You need a much harder spanking than that, don’t you? Whores like you deserve it harder . . . and they need to always remember to say thank you. Where are your manners, bitch?” Her voice oozed with sweetness as she called me names like that. She knows I love it, finally getting to enjoy the affectionate humiliation I usually dole out to other people . . . she knows everything I loved and wanted, everything that really turned me on.

My moans got louder and louder, turning into screams and begging. My moaned and shallow-breathed “thank you”s and “please more”s and “oh fuck yes”s got less intelligible the harder the girls sucked and spanked me. I couldn’t see any of them, could just feel that intense feeling . . . and just when I thought I was about to cum from all that wonderful attention, that sensual pain and domination I needed, I felt my girlfriend’s cock slide inside me.

It barely made it all the way in before I finally lost it and came all over her girl dick, oozing a huge puddle onto the floor and squirting everywhere. Laying in bed and smoking cigarettes afterward, we both agreed: distance-wise, that post-nipple sucking spank-a-thon squirting was my farthest yet! A new record. And we both agreed that eventually, I could squirt a lot farther and a lot harder. We always try to set the bar a little higher, you know? Maybe next time we’d just have to get a little higher . .

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