Gingerbread Man Smashing All Up In These Guts

Gingerbread Man, what say ye?  Why are you all up in these guts?  Leave me alone!  Stop calling my name and taunting me with that #dickcannon you have running up the side of your leg.

Please tuck that thing away.  It is distracting.  All of your other friends know to put on some compression drawz.  I see the entire tip of your cock and all of its glory.  By the way, your entire body is looking tasty.  Is that icing or cum cream?


We are supposed to be baking the cookies for a gingerbread house.  This #gingerboo comes all up in here slapping my ass and pouring graham flour everywhere.  Now all I have are penis-shaped gingerbread men and a tummy ache because he was literally all up in my guts.

Tasting this cookie and trying to tame the madness going on inside of me only makes me wish the Gingerbread Man would return.  He bent me over the counter and slid his magic Gingerbread Man cock inside of me.  I do not know where the time went.  He must have been smashing all up in my guts for hours.  Now I have a tummy ache.

My Sweet Tooth

I have a sweet tooth.  One for the Gingerbread Man.  There is nothing like a #GingerBoo this time of year.  He is cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and more!  I’m not sure if I want to play with all of that molasses, brown sugar, applesauce, Karo syrup, and honey that he keeps laying on me.  It could get real sweet too soon.  I already have a tummy ache.  Now I find myself craving his sweet sauce.

His precum is always kind of sweet.  If it were salty I would tell the Gingerbread Man to get up out of here.  Sweet and starchy like confectionary sugar.  It is only powdery when you let it dry on your skin.  My sweet tooth says, call the Gingerbread Man.

He Is The Gingerbread Man

Dressed to impress.  The Gingerbread Man comes in all sizes and textures.  You will know him by his shape and ginger taste.  Drink milk, eggnog, or even coffee if you like.  Just make sure you don’t bake him for too long.  Once he gets soggy, he will just leave you alone.  Read my post from last year about the Gingerbread Heaux House and be happy I am no longer on Heux Witness Protection.

You should call me here at the Phone Sex Kingdom and do a fantasy role-play.  I have an entire stash of storytimes just for you.  Let me cater them to your fetish.  Or better yet, you tell me a story and make it kinky.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke