Hello little bitch. You want to spend time with me, yes? I am more than happy to spend time with you. Of course, it will be GILF worship and denial time. Your dick is too small for anything else.

Let’s start with my feet. Bow down and start by massaging my beautiful feet. I want you to use your hands first. Then, your mouth. Lick the soles of my feet with your long tongue.

Mmmm…that feels amazing. Work your way up to my ankles. Using your hands now, I want you to continue massaging my legs. Enjoy the smooth feel of my soft skin.

You should feel grateful you are being allowed to touch me during the GILF worship and denial.

Working your way up my long, sexy legs, give a lot of attention to my calves. That is one of my favorite areas for a massage. Then, as you near my thighs, I want you to stop there.

Am I going to have you skip over my pelvic area? What will I have you do next? As my little bitch, you are here to serve me. It is for my pleasure and your denial. That is the point of GILF worship and denial.

That means I am enjoying our time. However, one thing you may start doing as you are rubbing my body is touching yours. Yes, loser boy, you may stroke your tiny dick.

I may not fuck you but I will allow you some pleasure while we play.

Not always, but sometimes. Truthfully, it depends on my mood when we are playing together. If I am feeling hardcore then you may not get any pleasure during our fun.

On the other hand, if I am feeling generous during the GILF worship and denial games, like today, you will get to touch your itty bitty little pecker. That thing is tiny and inadequate for fucking, but it gets you off.

Honestly, every day is a crapshoot. That is what makes it so much fun! My little friends never know what to expect.

Of course, I love torturing them with worry along with GILF worship and denial.

Isn’t that the fun of being their goddess and dominant? Making them wonder what is coming next. For instance, now that you are at the top of my legs, where are things going?

I am going to have you pull my sexy panties off. Then, you are going to use your tongue to massage my asshole. Do NOT go near my pussy with your tongue.

Again, since I am feeling kind during this GILF worship and denial, I am going to let you rub your little dick against the soles of my feet. I will bring my feet together and bend my legs.

That way you can feel close to my pretty pussy.

Aren’t the soles of my feet soft against your hard tiny cock. Now, when I spread my legs, you are going to be allowed to put your rod right up near the hole of my kitty.

Go on, but do not go inside. Do you feel the heat radiating from my cunt on the head of your dick? Isn’t that amazing? I bet you would love to slide just your head inside me during our GILF worship and denial.

Too bad, bitch. It is denial. So, you can jerk off feeling the heat of my pussy and that is it! Hahaha. Want to play with me during some GILF phone sex? Call me!

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