I love it when men hit on me in the stores. It doesn’t matter if I am at the mall or a grocery store. They always feel the need to flirt and feel me out. I don’t always take them up on it, but sometimes they get GILF grocery store sex.

Of course, men don’t always know they are losers or inadequate sex partners. Seriously, it is amazing how many of these guys think they are worthy of a hottie like me.

Sure, I am a naughty slut but I have standards. In fact, pretty high standards. Not just any man is getting into my kitty. This pussy is tight and tasty. I want quality men or women venturing down there.

That is why the GILF grocery store sex is only for the best candidates.

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They all have different tastes.

And, that is the fun of fucking them. Sometimes, we go out to the car or truck to have our fun. Other times, we do it in the store. For my recent sexcapade, we use the public restroom.

He is this fine younger man. As a mature GILF, I love keeping myself looking fine and sexy. Men that are looking for some fun see me and are ready to get dirty.

This guy has a totally vanilla girlfriend. He is craving kinky sex and I am the woman to give it to him. Our GILF grocery store sex will rock his world and keep him needing more.

We are chatting in the dairy aisle and he is flirting hard getting him closer to GILF grocery store sex!

I am quick to accept his flirting, letting him know I am open to him. Our conversation goes from fancy cheese to naughty sex rather quickly. Of course, that is me guiding it.

As I start guiding our convo to sexual topics, I can tell he is getting turned on. This is one of my favorite things too. Seeing a younger man opening up to being wild with me.

I suggest we go to the restroom in the back of the store for some impromptu fun. At first, he isn’t sure if he can go through with it. However, with my coaxing, he is all in for this GILF grocery store sex.

Once in the bathroom, we lock the door.

He and I start kissing but I want to see what he is packing. I drop to my knees and pull out his huge cock. Yes, jackpot! I start sucking as he has never had before.

Of course, he isn’t used to it and says he may cum. So, I stand up, bend over, pull up my dress, and bend over for him. He is so nervous but is quickly sliding that big rod into me.

We cum pretty fast. I turn around and drop back down to my knees to suck our juices off his cock. I slip him my number and we walk out and separate ways.

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