If you haven’t figured it out yet in my blogs, I like to be in charge. Have total control of things. Now, I am always open for some switching here and there but mostly, I am a dominant personality. Imagine my glee to find out I could purchase tiny shrunken men to use at will. I can have GILF Giantess Fun and do anything I want to them! What an amazing discovery! With my mature phone sex, the possibilities are endless for our calls!

My friend, Tiny Mike, introduced me to the store when I told him my dog needed some toys. He suggested the tinies since they are easy to replace. You see, the store has rows and rows of tiny men for purchase. Some people enjoy them in exquisite meals, while others enjoy having them around to play with. As mentioned above, I wanted toys that were interactive for my dog. Little did I know they would bring GILF giantess fun for all of us.

When you go to the tiny store, you can have your pick of little men.

Tiny Mike was working at the store and wanted to be one of the tiny men himself, so he offered to be shrunken down to come home with us. Our dog Bruiser loves Mike so it was a win-win situation. My boyfriend, Fred, is a strange character and open to new things. His favorite clothing is his Speedo so he can show off his unusually large cock. He can be embarrassing but I love a huge dick to ride at night!

The tiny men at the store build up his ego even more and he walks around like the king of peckers. Yes, he is short one can of six-pack but he is fun to be with. He was excited to learn we would be having GILF giantess fun too. Once we purchased our tiny men and Mike was shrunken down, we headed home. Bruiser was over the moon and a drooling mess with all those little men chattering away in the bag.

Once home, I had to make dinner so Tiny Mike hung out in my pocket to keep him safe, or so I thought.

He and I are having a conversation when Fred comes up to nuzzle me from behind. All of sudden I hear Mike’s muffled cries and realize Fred’s huge boner is squishing Mike. I tell him to step back and luckily Mike was okay then. Pulling him out, I set him on the counter so Fred can continue to tease me with that nice big stick while I finish dinner. Bruiser is outside and ready to come in for his dinner.

Once I feed him, we sit down to eat. Tiny MIke is sitting on the table to eat. He is using my granddaughter’s tea set for his dinnerware. It is so neat to see him use them for real. LOL. My granddaughter will love having the littles to have tea with when she comes to visit. After dinner, Fred feels frisky so he and I scuttle off for a quickie. I leave Mike up high so Bruiser doesn’t hurt him yet.

As we come back out I announce it is time for GILF Giantess Fun and playtime for Bruiser and Tiny Mike.

Bruiser is jumping up and down with excitement. Now you should know Bruiser is a Great Dane with a big ball sack and cock. He loves humping his toys and I am excited he will have living beings to hump and play with. At least until he breaks or eats them. The veterinarian said that they are a great source of protein for him. Time for some GILF giantess fun at our house! Tiny Mike volunteers to go first. I put him on the floor and he runs from Bruiser, finding little hiding spots to tease him.

Back and forth they go until Bruiser uses his big paw to stop Mike in his tracks. Once he has him, he uses both paws to hold him in place and humps his tiny body with his huge dog dick. At first, Mike is hanging in there but then I hear things snapping in his body. I stop Bruiser to see if Tiny Mike is still alive and he is. He tells me it won’t be long and to let Bruiser finish.

My, my, my what an exciting time with GILF Giantess Fun!

I give him to Bruiser who picks him up with his teeth and carries him out to the yard. Sound like fun, call me to see how Bruiser can use you! Whether you enjoy giantess play, ABDL, GILF role-play or XXX Incest Stories, I bring it all to you with the real feel!

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