I am into controlling men and their cum loads. Just ask my hubby. Well, ex-hubby now. Not only did I control his loads, but I also made him pay me to cum. Using my GILF findom control on him.

In fact, I also put my cock training tools into use on him as well. It was so much fun using my wet panties on his face as he was taking dick. He associated the two with his orgasms.

Soon, he knew, he only came with cock. Along, with that, I started the findom control too. If he wanted to cum, during that dick time, he had to pay me. So, now, I am doing the same to other men.

Whether we are in a cuck situation or just some tease and denial, I use GILF findom control and make them pay to cum!

Of course, if you can’t pay, you can’t play. Sadly, you are below me, right?! Let me rephrase that. You can play but you can’t play with the badass findom me. Therefore, you will be my bitch losers.

I will still do calls with you and love playing with you. However, you are in a different category from those that know they can pay to play and cum. Those men, desire a strong, powerful woman that is willing to control them.

And, they desire my GILF findom control. My tease and denial games take them to the edge and back. Furthermore, they want me to push them and their limits.

In fact, they expect me to push them!

God, I love pushing men into doing things. Down deep, they want to do it. They crave doing it. However, all the things they have been taught tell them it is wrong. I am here to push them into it, no matter what!

I don’t accept NO from them! You tell me you want to eat your cum, then we are going to work on the timing so you finally do it with my GILF findom control. And, you are going to thank me with a tip tribute.

This lady is in high demand online with my GILF phone sex and if you want time with me, you can honor me with tributes. Show me how much you appreciate me during our call. Did you even realize you can tip your favorite girls?

Do you know how much that means to us?

Most of us use our tips for something special we are saving for. Of course, no one is obligated, but it is a wonderful thing to do. And, if I am your goddess during GILF findom control it is a way to pay tributes.

Are you craving cuckold play? Be honest! You have been reading my blogs and the forcing bi BBC is getting you hard. It is okay, I love that shit! We can play that and the findom fun together!

Now, if you don’t want to cum with me, you can hold that shit in and cum after we hang up. Hahaha. This sexy granny is taking charge of her little bitches and if you want to play, you better ante up!

Are you ready? If so, call me now!