A Giantess’ Fantasy

A Caller of mine brought to my attention that I would be perfect IF I was an amazon. Little did he know that I often fantasize about being a giantess. It was some hot Fetish Phone Sex!

Just Imagine ME-  a 500 ft temptress. Long flowing fiery locks. Mountainous tits. My pussy, a huge wet cavernous pleasure tunnel and 2 Majestic meaty mounds with a smooth deep ravine leading to a beautiful star-shaped “manhole” ( how’s that for an ass?).

In my fantasy, I take over whole cities at the time. By Day, this giantess spends her time squashing all the naggy bitchy women beneath my enormous feet, while their happy eager husbands watch. As payment for ridding these husbands of their misery, they are to form into pleasure teams and service me. If the brood of little men do a well-enough job, they then are permitted to explore my gargantuan form as they please.

Taking my fantasy a bit further, the idea of using the tallest buildings in the world as my own personal fuck toys- really excites me. I wonder what all the little people working in those buildings would be thinking, as my pussy bounced on their workplace like a broncin’ bull on a bumpy road- Lights on, Lights off? *giggle*

Sometimes when I masturbate  thinking of this, I like to think they secretly plot against me. Thinking of ways to bind me, and explore me all the time, each of my holes and crevices. Inserting themselves (entire bodies) into my huge pussy, and hugging my g-spot, or climbing my clitoris like they would a tree.Until my pussy juices flow like a rushing river taking them out into a slippery Sea of Anna.

An Army of little men, just crawling all over me, inside of me… doing what they want to do to both please, and torture me.

Oh, what fun that would be!

Giantess Phone Sex, can cut you down to size ~ for my pleasure OR yours~