I was travelling up to Canada one year to visit my brother and his new house he just bought. It was some old farm house and he had allot of fixing up to do. I got in pretty late and told him after a quick snack that I wanted to just head to bed.

He Leaned on the door jam and told me he had a bit of funny business going on around the house. I waved him off and was just to tired to care. Once asleep though I woke up to the bed shifting. It felt like someone was kneeling between my legs. I looked but saw nothing. Except the bed was depressed in that one spot. My breathing stopped. I was terrified.

The blankets started to pull away from me. Some unknown thing was in control. I couldn’t move. Just feel and watch. Once the blankets were peeled from my tight grip, I felt a cold sensation run down the center of my chest all the way to my panties. Its felt like an ice cube running down my slit. The panties were like a buffer to the cold chill. My skin bumped and my nipples hardened. It actually felt very erotic.

My panties slid down and off in a quick sweep. In a flash my pussy was pulled open and was being massaged by the unknown assailant. It played with my jewel and pushed something into me. I could no faintly see the outline of a man between my legs, I couldn’t make out what he looked like but he had a powerful build. I could see he had his fingers in me. Pumping hard and licking me. I pulled my legs as far open as I could and whispered for more.
With that quiet whisper he sat up and burned a look into my eyes. All I could see were blue eyes. They had heat to them….His image flickered, I felt a large cock slide into me. I bucked my hips and matched his thrusts.

Holy shit I was fucking a ghost! Truly one for the books. I felt icy all over yet burned inside. I grabbed at air when trying to pull this mysterious figure to me. I was building up to the crescendo of my orgasm. I felt it hit me like an ocean of ice. Over and over the waves hit me .

I woke up the next morning wondering if I hallucinated the whole thing. Only my legs were sticky and I hand hand prints on either side of my hips. I couldn’t wait to go back to bed and fuck my new ghost friend. Call me to play and find out more!




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