I am your sweet and sensual GFE dream!  I will do what your real girlfriend won’t.  We can cook dinner and converse over a bottle of wine — then I will reach my toes under the table and slide them up your leg.  You feel my foot on your cock, glance up, and see my seductive eyes begging for your cock to be in my mouth.

I can’t wait to slam you against the wall and kiss you deeply on your lips.  Then, as you feel my hair tickling your cheek, I start to softly kiss your neck.  I grab your shirt and pull it off; you grab mine and pull it off.  Your hands are firmly gripping my hips, and then you slide one hand up my skirt.  You feel my soft silk lace panties getting wet.  Using your middle finger, you slide my panties to the side and feel my warm smooth pussy.  You can hear my breath growing heavier as your tongue flicks my hard nipples.

I will leave the rest of our GFE story to be written with you.  What would we do next?  ;D

After our hot and sweaty GFE sex, I will curl up next to you and tickle your back with my nails.  We will both be out of breath and really relaxed!  We can lay there for hours and talk, have sex again, and talk more.  I want to know everything about you.  As your ultimate GFE, it is important to me that we are emotionally intimate as well.  Sex is so much better when you really know the person!

I get so lonely sometimes.  It would be so nice to have my phone sex boyfriend call me to keep me company.  We can share our favorite music, watch porn together, partake in libations, talk science – current events – TV/movies.  I will even drink beer as I watch you play video games through Skype!  My favorite to watch so far is Minecraft.

Give me a call for your ultimate GFE experience!

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